Woodworking Power Tools to Consider for Guitar Building

Woodworking Power Tools to Consider - Part 2

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Second Tier Woodworking Power Tools to Consider:

These are tools that fall into the category of nice to have buy more of a luxury for guitar making. If you plan on other woodworking operations you may want to consider purchasing some of these woodworking power tools. i.e. the Table Saw is not critical to guitar making, but a must have tool for general woodworking operations.

Powermatic Table Saw, Contractor Style, Model 64A at Woodcraft.com The Table Saw has a great many uses in the well-equipped wood shop and can easily be your most used woodworking power tool. It's ripping capabilities are unsurpassed. With the right accessories it also becomes a great cross-cutting tool and also allows you to handle very long and wide stock.

Don't even consider a saw that does not have a Biesemeyer Fence System. Yes the fence is that good. It allows you to setup the saw in record time, make small adjustments and have "dead-on" results every time.

I have had a Powermatic PM2000 for about 3 years now and I absolutely love that saw. I wouldn't consider anything else. It is solid, accurate and give precise results.

Table Saw: Importance ***

Minimum 10" Blade Capacity and 5/8" Arbor
Large Cast Iron Table
Biesemeyer Fence 50" Preferred
Easily Adjustable Blade Tension
Easily Accessible Blade Changing

Guitar Making Operations:

Cutting all inside and outside guitar forms.
Ripping neck and heel stock to size.
Sizing wood for forms patterns and
Cutting the kerfed liner that hold the top & back to the sides.
Rough-cutting the neck, heel and headstock. Rough-cutting internal braces.
Making all sorts of patterns, jigs, clamps and other misc. guitar related items
Cutting wood purfling to size.

Recommended Models:

Powermatic PM2000 5HP Table Saw: $2,699.99
Powermatic 64A 30" Accu-Fence: $999.99
Jet JTAS-12X50 5HP Table Saw: @,999.99
Powermatic 2414 24" Throat 3 HP: $4,589.99

JET Belt/Disc Sander 1-1/2 HP at Woodcraft.com

The Drum Sander will give you precise thickness control over your top, back and side sets of wood. With this woodworking power tool, you can sand to within a few 1/1000's of an inch and have a finish-sanded surface ready for the finishing operation

These sanders will also give you a fine sanded surface for fingerboards, purfling's and internal bracing.

I current have the Jet 22/44 and I also have a very large drum sander for other woodworking duties. I love my Jet ana would recommend it to anyone. The smaller model in much more cost-effective and provides the same great finish. You do have to be careful when sending a glued-up top or back through it though, because you only have an inch or 2 on each side to spare.

Drum Sander: Importance ****

Minimum 22" Wide Sanding Capacity
Easily to adjust micro-adjust depth of cut
Magnetic Switch Is A Great Feature
Truss Rod Stabilation Overhead Is A Necessity With A Throat This Wide (44")
Easily Accessible Sanding Belt Changes

Guitar Making Operations:

Making Jigs, Fixtures & Templates.
Finish Sanding Tops, Backs & Sides.
Finish Sanding of Internal Bracing
Finish Sanding Purfling and Lining Materials
Thickness Sand Rosettes
Thickness Sand Neck and Heel Blocks
Useful In Many Other Woodworking Operations

Recommended Models:

Jet Pro Drum Sander 3HP 44" Width: $2,199.99
Jet 16-32 16" Wide Drum Sander: $1,049.99
Powermatic DDS225 Dual Drum Sander: $3,499.99
Jet Oscillating Drum Sander 22-44: $1,999.99

Powermatic <p>Drill Press
The Drill Press is also a Woodworking Power Tool that is hard to do without.

When it comes time to drill the holes for the tuning pegs and the countersinking of the washers around the tuning peg posts, the precision of the stationary drill press will pay off for you.

It also comes in real handy for making wood clamps that we need so many of and you can even mount a milling bit on it and use it to carve the intricacies of you peghead signature.

Drill Press: Importance ***

Easily changeable speeds is very important
Look For A Large Cast Iron Table
Table Angle Adjustment
Magnetic Switch

Guitar Making Operations:

Cutting holes in peghead
Drilling bridge pin holes
A great aid in making templates, jigs, forms & clamps

Recommended Models:

Powermatic 2800 18" Variable Speed Drill Press: $949.99
Delta 17" Laser Drill Press: $579.99
Jet 17" Drill Press Model JDP-17DX: $509.99

Is that all the Woodworking Power Tools you will ever need? Well that depends on how involved you get into guitar construction and repair. Some additional tools to consider for the well stocked shop are:

Spindle Sander
Jointer 6" to 10" capacity
Bench Grinder
Hand Tool Sharpener

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