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Windy and Warm Tab PartA - Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

"Windy and Warm Tab PartA, by Ultimate-Guitar-Online.Com, arrangement by Chet Atkins

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Windy and Warm Tab PartA - Advanced Fingerstyle Lesson:

This great fingerstyle guitar song is available on the the Chet Atkins Guitar Legend CD, (listed below).

True Bluegrass InstrumentalsChet Atkin Guitar Legend: Here is an MP3 of Chet playing Windy and wWarm on this CD. There are also many other great cuts on this CD if you enjoy listing to him spin his magic as one of the really great master pickers.

Windy and Warm; Canned Heat; The Nashville Jump; Dizzy Strings; Telling My Troubles To My Old Guitar; Dance Of The Goldenrod; Galloping On The Guitar; Centipede Boogie; Main Street Breakdown; Indian Love Cal; Mountain Melody; The Jitterbug Waltz; Rainbow; Nobody's Sweetheart; Chinatown, My Chinatown; Fiddle Patch; ; High Rockin Swing; Guitars On Parade; Oh By Jingo!; The Bells Of St. Mary's; Country Gentleman; Memphis Blues; Downhill Drag; Ballin' The Jack; Silver Bell

This lesson is available in the following formats:

Windy and Warm - Guitar Pro File - Note: This is a free download for you!

Windy and Warm - PDF File - Note: This is a free download for you !

All of these guitar instruction files were authored in eMedia's Guitar-Pro. This is the favorite tab and notation authoring software for us here at Ultimate Guitar OnLine. It is filled with features and is simple to use - even without a manual. It is compatible with PC and Mac. We use it on the Mac here and it is a pleasure to use. To see a full review click HERE. Otherwise if you would like to try a free copy of it, you can download the demo HERE and use it for 15 days.

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons - Windy and Warm PartA

I have was always impressed with the way Chet Atkins played this piece. It was one of those pieces that I wanted to play from the first time I herd it. Unfortunately, I did not posses the skills at the time to be able to pull it off. This song is full of syncopation, pull-offs, string bends, slides and a lot of other ornamental tricks that Chet used in his music to make it so appealing.

While it is very difficult to transcribe this very accurately, I have been able to document some of the important aspects of this song. I would strongly encourage you to listen to Chet's version of it, so you can get more of the timing subtleties of the piece, rather than depending solely on the notation and TAB.

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Windy and Warm PartA - Syncopation:

Probably one of the most difficult aspects of this tune is the syncopation of some of the passages. We start out with this on the first measure, and it is carried through many measures of this song. If you can master this timing, you can perform many of the fingerstyle tunes from this site or for any Atkins transcriptions for that matter.

As I mentioned above, it is quite difficult to capture the timing EXACTLY the way it is played. Because of this, you should certainly get at least an MP3 of this song so you can hear how Chet does it. Also, the Guitar Pro file, which you can download free, captures this very closely and if you can nail this version, you can then go on to polish it, by listening to Chet perform this piece.

Tab Tips on Windy and Warm PartA:

To ease you into this very gradually, I have set up the measures to take this a step at a time. Measure 1, 2 and 3 basically show you the Intro as it will sound in it's finished state.

Measures 4 and 5: This is simply an alternating bass that you pick with your right hand thumb. Become very familiar with this before you move on. Play slowly and evenly.

Measures 6 and 7: In these 2 measures you play the alternating bass notes, exactly as you would in measures 4 and 5. The only difference is the addition of the double stops or (2) additional notes to make a 3 note chord on the 2nd and 4th beats of the measure. Again, play until you are very confident and can play it smoothly.

Measures 8 and 9: This is where it starts to get interesting and you start to develop the "hop" or the syncopation of the melody. First of all notice that the Alternating Bass not that would normally be played is moved from the 3rd beat just a bit. (This is the open 6th string that I am referring to). Additionally, the (2) double stops (double notes) that follow are very syncopated. In other words, they are not played in the normal fashion as (2) eighth note chords. Rather the first one is delayed a bit with a dotted eighth and the second one is sped up a bit to round out the 3rd beat.

You finish up the 4th beat in the measure. Try to get this syncopation working for you before you move on, because yes, there is more!

You will hear Chet use this little ornamental trick quite often in his arrangements. That is to get a hammer-on before the first beat of the measure. This is done by "borrowing" 1/2 beat from the previous measure so that the hammer-on note actually is executed on the first beat (where it belongs). This is a bit tricky, but once you master this great technique, you will find yourself doing this many times over, on different songs. This is demonstrated in measures 10, 11 and 12, which is the kick-of of the entire introduction of this song.

Finally, there is a great progression of chords that Chet uses after the above syncopated lick. Thankfully these are played as just plain quarter notes with one beat each. It uses the exact same left hand fingering. The only kicker is that the chords should be played as staccatos. This means that you play the chord and immediately remove the finger tension of your left hand to stop the ringing of the note. Only on the last chord do you let the notes ring for their assigned value. The next measure is just the kick-off into the first verse of the song, and that will be the subject of our next lesson.

Windy and Warm Tab PartA 1 - (Click on Tab to Get Guitar Pro File)
Windy and Warm
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Windy and Warm