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Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Intermediate TAB

This is a great arrangement of this classic Carter tune. Give it a try.

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There are a lot of versions of this TAB for the old Carter classic "Will the Circle be Unbroken" on the internet, but most of them are rather simplistic or poorly written. I think you will find that this version is several notches above many of these arrangements.

The sone can be played leisurely at about 160 to 180 bpm, or you can decided to play it at a good flatpicking clip of about 200 to 220 bpm.

What I like to do to work on my speed is to lay down a rhythm and bass track in Guitar Pro 6. This way I can select any speed that suites me. For instance if I'm working on some variations to a particular break I will run the TAB at between 150 and 180 bpm. then when I'm satisfied with the arrangement, I will crank the speed up to about 190 to 200 bpm and when I have the arrangement nailed, I will play it up-to-speed.

Guitar Pro 6 also has a feature to allow you to gradually increase the speed automatically each time through the break. This is a great feature that I often use.

Click on this link for the free TAB to Will the Circle be Intermediate TAB.

The TAB has all of the chords and notes accurately transcribed. All the left hand fingerings you should use and the correct down and up strokes of the pick for each note is indicated as well.

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Will The Circle Be Unbroken Intermediate Tab:Will the Circle be Unbroken Intermdiate TAB

Click on this link for the free TAB to Will The Circle Be Unbroken Intermediate TAB.