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Under the Double Eagle Intermediate TAB

This transcription is based on the arrangement by Norman Blake on his Whiskey Before Breakfast CD.

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One of the first and best flatpicking guitar albums was put out by Norman Blake - Whiskey Before Breakfast.

This is where I first learned the fine art of flatpicking guitar. Norman was and still is one of the best flatpickers around and he is surely a ground-breaking musician.

One of the cuts from that album is Under the Double Eagle and Norman has a great arrangement of that classic song.

The transcription shown herewith is based on his arrangement, but over the years I have added my own flavor to the break.

This break has quite a few ornamental notes shown, which dress-up the arrangement, but they do make it more difficult to learn the piece. You would be best off to learn the break without the hammer-ons first and then add them as you gain speed and accuracy. These hammer-ons are located in measures 2, 3, 4 and 5, and again in measures 10, 11 and 12.

Other than the hammer-ons and a an eighth note triplet sequence, this is quite a straight-forward break. Keep an eye on the chord forms above the notation score as there are a lot of pick-strum type of passages in this break. Upon reaching the end, you can go back to the beginning and play the PartA a couple of times again.

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Under the Double Eagle Intermediate TAB:
Under the Double Eagle Intermediate TAB

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