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Ultimate Guitar Video:

Welcome to the Ultimate Guitar Video section of this site. This will become a very important section to you as a guitar player. This is where you will see advancement quickly from a beginner to intermediate status, or intermediate to advanced status, and anything in between.

These Ultimate Guitar Videos are setup with instruction in mind and are not just the documentation of a song, as many videos you will see offered on the internet. We have many years of guitar instruction with private lessons under our belt and we know what the aspiring guitarist wants and needs to progress flawlessly through lesson materials.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Free Ultimate Guitar Video:

We will structure each song into three levels of Ultimate Guitar Video, those being, beginner video, intermediate video, and advanced video. This way, if you are a beginning guitar player you will not be overwhelmed right away by moving along too quickly.

We will also offer alternate measures for changing the arrangement of a song and allowing you to play several different "breaks" in a lot of the songs we offer.

New Ultimate Guitar Tabs will be shown in the Sidebar on the Right Side of your Screen. So keep and eye out for new songs appearing there.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Ultimate Guitar Video

Keep in mind that we are human:

    These Ultimate Guitar Videos are free - at least for right now. Some time in the future that may certainly change as they take quite a bit of time to produce.
    Being that they are free, we are not taking a lot of time to edit them into perfection. It is usually a one or two take and off we go - into production.
    The Ultimate Guitar Videos are very true to the Guitar Pro file and PDF Tablature, but not exactly the same. Every time David plays these songs he plays them slightly differently. Only minor differences, but you may pick up on these differences. To the casual listener, not difference will be herd.
    We suggest that you download both the free Guitar Pro file of the selection as well as the free PDF Tablature that is available. Each of these files will be available to you on the opening page of the video article.

    Ornamentation designations for hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides etc.

How Ultimate Guitar Video Works: Guitar Pro 5

Most of our Ultimate Guitar Video will have its roots based in a Guitar Pro 6 file.

What does this mean to you?

This is really a great feature. Not only can you see a video stream of the song and hear how it is played slowly and up to speed, you can follow along with Notation, Tabulation and an actual sound file of the same song and arrangement!

Now, you do not absolutely need to have Guitar Pro for these conveniences, but you are missing out on some great features if you don't. Such things as:

Speed Trainer - allows you to start at whatever you speed level is and slowly increase your speed by using a progressive loop, which you set to increase incrementally each time through.

You get the actual Guitar Pro file as it was written for this song - Our arrangement that is. You can distribute it for free, change it to your own tastes and arrangement and much more.

There is a Rhythm Track included with each song with the accompaniment chords for the song. Heck, this is worth the price of the software all by itself.

Ultimate Guitar Video - Additional Features in Guitar Pro 6:
    Modify your tunes to make them uniquely your own arrangement. You can change individual notes, add ornamentation in additional areas etc., and then test play your tunes in in the Guitar Pro RSE music engine, where you will get a very realistic reproduction of the music.

    You can even export it into different programs, such a Apple Garage Band and add in your own live tracks with your already created accompaniment and bass passages in the background - awesome!

    Print your own score in PDF format or output in a number of other formats including ASCII, MIDI and MusicXML.
    See a free tab you want to modify or embellish in TablEdit, Power Tab, Music XML, MIDI or ASCII? Import the file and load it directly into Guitar Pro and it auto-formats it for you to save a bunch of time and get a big jump start on your arrangement.
    See your chords appear on the Guitar Pro fingerboard and or keyboard and see how to form them simply by clicking on a chord in the tab or notation and it will show up on the included fingerboard diagram and keyboard diagrams.
    Do you have a mic on your computer? If you do you are in luck and can tune your guitar with the included digital tuner.
    There is a digital metronome included with the program as well and you can solely use this to work on your chord and lead playing timing.

Check back in this section often as we will be adding songs constantly.