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Tony Rice Basic G Run

This is a G Run from one of the greatest flatpicking guitar artists of all time and it is documented right here.

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Tony Rice Basic G Run

If you have ever done a Google search on YouTube for Tony Rice, you will come up with a mesmerizing number of videos of this amazing artist, displaying his lightening fast skills.

While everyone loves to listen to the nearly un-human fast, blues style of Tony's picking, very few have been able it capture it. Even in his video called Tony Rice Bluegrass Lick, he slows down several of his favorite or lick standards and in reality, this is still about 4 times too fast for anyone to easily capture it.

Well you are now in luck. I have not only captured his first lick in this video, I have documented it with a PDF file and a Guitar Pro file. This will allow you to easily learn the correct left hand fingering, the correct right hand picking up and down strokes and the proper timing of the piece.

Plus, you can use the Guitar Pro File to not only slow down the piece to whatever speed you like, you can also modify this lick to make it uniquely your own G run lick.

Tony Rice Basic G Run - Performing The Run:

Here is the video, showing Tony playing a couple of different G run licks. This one that we are learning here in this Acoustic Guitar Lesson, is the first one, which he plays at about the 5 second mark in this video.

Tony Rice Basic G Run - Stay Lean and Mean

When you play this video, the one thing you should walk away with the the minimal movement that Tony uses to play the notes with the left hand. I looks as though he is hardly even playing the notes on the frets. That is one of the keys to be able to not only play very fast, but to be able to play smoothly as well.

So once you have the lick memorized, concentrate on your left hand and work on keeping your fingers as close to the string while movement and basically keep it " lean and mean". Once you start to do this you will see your playing speeding up and you will start to go into hyper drive.

Next you will want to keep the motion of your left hand picking very minimal as well. Again look at the video and you will note that Tony is not bouncing all over the place with this right hand. He is hardly moving and keeping his picking motion at a minimum. Again - you will pickup an amazing mount of speed by doing this.

Tony Rice Basic G Run - What It Looks Like In TAB Format

Tony Rice Basic G Run
Tony Rice Basic G Run - The PDF and Guitar Pro Information

If you wish to download the actual Guitar Pro file of the above lick, click the link below:

Tony Rice Basic G Run Guitar Pro File

If you wish to download the PDF file of the above run so you can print it out and keep it for your files click the link below:

Tony Rice Basic G Run PDF File