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Tony Rice Advanced G Runs

One of the all time greats Tony Rice performs some pretty amazing licks on the guitar. Here are just a few of them.

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If you have ever listened to Tony Rice play his silky-smooth guitar breaks, you know that they sound incredibly difficult to play. Tony is a master of the Blues runs and I have admired his playing from the moment I first herd him. While he didn't invent the blues runs or the blues technique for the flatpick guitar, he certainly developed this style to the point of perfection and many of today's artists owe their flatpicking guitar style to the groundwork that Tony laid down.

Some of Tony's classic breaks could either start or end with one of his classic G runs. These runs involve about every trick in the book from slides to pull-ons, hammer-ons, crosspicking and more.....

If you think you are ready to tackle some of Tony's incredible arrangements, I have put together a couple of his G runs for you - right here. They are exactly as Tony would play them and once memorized you can play around with the arrangement yourself and make-up your own runs, and who knows, maybe you can improve them!

There are 2 runs here and both are uniquely different even though they are both in the key of G. This will be enough work for a week for most guitar players - that is to master them correctly and in trying to approach Tony's lightening speed.


When you start playing these runs, pay very close attention to the down-up pick strokes which are indicated between the notation and TAB scores. It is essential that you play them exactly as indicated or you will not be able to achieve the proper speed in your playing.

Click on this link for the free TAB to Tony Rice Advanced G Runs.

The TAB has all of the chords and notes accurately transcribed. All the left hand fingerings you should use and the correct down and up strokes of the pick for each note is indicated as well. Also, the Guitar Pro master file is included to additionally help you.

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Tony Rice Advanced G Runs:
Tony Rice Advanced G Runs

Click on this link for the free TAB to Tony Rice Advanced G Runs.