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Tony Rice Advanced G Run

This is the Advanced G Run from one of the greatest flatpicking guitar artists of all time, Tony Rice, and it is documented right here.

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Tony Rice Advanced G Run

Try doing a search on YouTube for Tony Rice and you will find a multitude of hits regarding the awesome guitar playing of this master of the flatpick guitar.

When I came across this video (below) of Tony playing some of his standard G Runs, that are part of his signature style, I was very impresses as to the quality of these runs and how they personified his unique picking style. Just one problem though. Even at the slow speed Tony plays these licks, is still way way too fast for most of us norman humans, let along some of the more fledgling guitar pickers out there.

So, I took it upon myself to analyze each of these licks, document them in Guitar Pro and offer the Guitar Pro files, as well as the PDF files in a download format, so you can enjoy the pleasures of being able to 'rip-off' a great Tony Rice lick as well.

You will be able to use the Speed Trainer of Guitar Pro and play this lick as slowly as you like and then gradually increase the speed up to Super-Human Tony Rice speed if you like!.

Tony Rice Advanced G Run - Performing The Run:

Here is the video, showing Tony playing a couple of different G run licks. This one that we are learning here in this Acoustic Guitar Lesson, is the second one, which he plays at about the 15 second mark in this video.

Tony Rice Advanced G Run - Stay Lean and Mean

As we discussed in the first lesson showing you the Tony Rice Basic G Run, when you play this video, keep your hand movements as minimal as possible. Yes as minimal as possible is the rule. This will allow you to save energy for speed for both your left hand and right hand. Keep left hand fingers just above the strings when moving and eliminate any wild finger movement. This can only be accomplished when you thoroughly have the lick memorized.

Notice the right hand picking movements too. I think the only guy I've seen that uses less movement than Tony is Kenny Smith, who also makes it look too easy to play fast.

Tony Rice Advanced G Run - What It Looks Like In TAB Format

Tony Rice Basic G Run
Tony Rice Advanced G Run - The PDF and Guitar Pro Information

If you wish to download the actual Guitar Pro file of the above lick, click the link below:

Tony Rice Advanced G Run Guitar Pro File

If you wish to download the PDF file of the above run so you can print it out and keep it for your files click the link below:

Tony Rice Advanced G Run PDF File