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Takamine GS330S Acoustic Guitar - Review

Review, specifications and similar instruments available for this great beginner to intermediate acoustic guitar.

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Model: Takamine GS330S Acoustic Guitar

Type/Shape: 6-String Dreadnought
Back & Sides: Nato
Top:Solid Cedar
Soundhole Rosette: Concentric Rings
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Rosewood - Unbound
Fretboard Inlay: None
Binding: Plastic
Bridge: Rosewood
Nut & Saddle: Plastic
Tuning Machines: Chrome Plated Cast
Truss Rod: Dual Action Adjustable
Number of Frets: 14 to Body; 20 Total
Bracing: Standard X
Finish: Satin Natural
Case: None Included With Guitar

Takamine GS330S MSRP: $459.00
Takamine GS330S Street Price: $299.00
Hardshell Case Street Price: $49.99
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Takamine GS330S Takamine GS330S Acoustic Guitar

This Grand Symphony guitar introduced by Taylor is their first new guitar shape in thirty years. It took a long time but they did it right!

The Taylor GS K guitar is fabulous. It has rich deep tones and lots of sustain. Playability is incredible and once you pick one up you won't be able to put it down.

Takamine GS330S MSRP: $459.00
Takamine GS330S Street Price: $299.00
Hardshell Case Street Price: $49.99
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Takamine GS330S Acoustic Guitar Features At A Glance:
    Nato laminate back and sides
    Solid Cedar spruce top
    Rosewood fretboard and bridge
    Limited lifetime warranty
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Takamine GS330S

Features: 6.5

The Takamine GS330S has a solid Cedar top and Nato laminated sides and back.

The top has a very thin, satin finish, which is one of the main reasons this guitar has such an incredible tonal range and volume for a guitar in this price range.

As proven by Ovation guitars and the test papier mache guitar that Antonio de Torres experimented with attests to, the top and top bracing is by far the most important element to shape a guitar's tone and volume.

I just love the cedar tops and have made several guitars utilizing them in my years of lutherie. They are very warm, loud and make for a great fingerstyle guitar, as well as a very respectable flatpick guitar.

The Takamine GS330S is a "no frills" guitar and it is beautiful in it's simplicity alone. Very simple adornments make this a really nice looking guitar, with the elegant binding and understated rosette rings. The silver plated tuners appeared quite solid and all details were amazingly well done.

Sound Production: 7.6

From the first few strums, I knew that this guitar could easily complete with guitars in the $500 to $800 street price range.

The Takamine GS330S guitar is remarkably well balanced, the fretting was right on, and I did not detect any intonation problems with the model that I tried out.

As I mentioned earlier, I am rather partial to a nice cedar top, especially if you plan on doing some fingersytle playing.

The balance was very consistent quite far up the neck too, which is where the less expensive guitars tend to thin-out.

While it still does not compare to the more expensive solid wood Taylors, Martins, and fine handmade guitars, it holds its own in the lower to intermediate price range guitar market.

If you are a beginner to intermediate guitar player, you will really like this guitar a lot. I could easily play this guitar several hours a day.

Action: 8.0

The action of the Takamine GS330S was very respectable right out of the box. This guitar played remarkably easy and in my opinion needed only just a little bit of lowering at the bridge end.

If you plan on really banging on chords though, you will want to leave the action just where it is.

One suggestion is that I would string this guitar up with some 80/20 bronze Elixirs, which would really bring a lot more life to an already lively guitar.

As far as action for a fingerstyle player - I really didn't have any issues, although I prefer a slightly wider neck than most standard acoustic guitars come with as standard issue.

Durability: 7.5

This is an area where I'm a bit torn on recommendations.

The cedar is a great top plate material, but it is much softer than any of the Spruce products. Couple that with a very light satin finish on the cedar and you have quite a fragile setup.

\If you are going to use this as a beater guitar, you would be better served to pick up a guitar with a thicker gloss finish with a Spruce top as that will not dent and scratch nearly as easily as does the cedar.

You will of course loose much of the tone and volume qualities while picking up durability. In my estimation, you should treat every guitar you own with a lot of respect as they are almost all somewhat fragile to a certain degree.

I do like that all of the edges of the top are protected with a plastic binding, which will protect the top from cracking with a sharp rap to one of the edges. The back and sides of nato laminate are relative bullet-proof and give this guitar a great deal of crack resistance, whereby a solid wood guitar is rather lacking.

All in all though, the Takamine GS330S is quite durable, if you only respect it.

Customer Service: 10.0

Service is handled through Kaman Music. Here is the warranty information from their site.

You need to contact your place of purchase with a copy of your sales receipt and request a warranty service evaluation. The dealer or service center should then contact Kaman Music and request a Return Authorization number.

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The product will be returned to the dealer or service center, prepaid. Kaman Music will replace the item with another one of equal value. In the case of a discontinued model, Kaman Music will replace the item with another of equal or more value.

Our Limited Lifetime warranty policy means that for the first 2 years you own the product, Kaman Music will cover all parts and labor for anything deemed defective. After that initial 2 year period, Kaman will cover the parts for anything deemed defective as long as you own the product, but now the consumer is responsible for any labor charges incurred in the repair.

Overall Score: 7.9

I really do like the Takamine SG3330S. It has a clear, bell-like tone and makes for a great fingerstyle or flatpicking style guitar.

Tone is well balanced and it has a relative fast, thin neck, which allows for you to get around on it very well.

This would not only be a great starter guitar, but it can be a great guitar to graduate to from a cheapie, or serve very respectable for a college-bound teen to a traveling musician.

The Takamine GS330S guitar does not come with a case, but it certainly deserves a great padded gig bag or even an intermediately priced hardshell case, which can be picked up for a nominal expense.

At about $300 street pricing this guitar is really hard to beat and I do not hesitate giving it very high marks.

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