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Takamine G128S Classical Guitar - Review

Takamine G128S| Specifications, pricing and rating information on this beginner class classical guitar

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Model: Takamine G128S

No. Strings: 6
Body Type: Standard Classical Body
Top Material: Spruce- Solid
Back & Sides: East Indian Rosewood - Solid
Fretboard: Rosewood - Solid
Total #Frets: 19 Silver Plated
Finish: Lacquer
Bridge: East Indian Rosewood - Solid
Tuners: Gold Plated w/ Ivoryoid Buttons

List Price: $439.00
Warranty: See Vendor

Jose Ramirez S1 Takamine G128S Classical Guitar

Made to strict Takamine specifications, the classical G128S guitar features traditional Spanish design and materials with a solid spruce top and rosewood back & sides.

It is adorned with a classical style soundboard rosette and gold and pearl tuners.

The Takamine G128S offers impressive performance in a classical guitar at a very affordable price.

List Price: $439.00

Takamine G128S Classical Guitar Features:
    Solid Spruce top
    Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides
    Rosewood fretboard
    Fan bracing
    Glossy lacquer finish
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  • Front
  • Top Plate
  • Soundhole
  • Bridge
Jose Ramirez S1 Back
Jose Ramirez S1 Top Plate
Jose Ramirez S1 Sonnd Hole
Jose Ramirez S1 Headstock

Features: 8.0

The Takamine G128S boasts a solid Spruce top as well as Solid Rosewood back and sides for superb sound quality, which is very unusual for a guitar in this price range. What is important about the use of solid wood? First off, the sound resonates much better in a solid wood guitar than one of laminated construction. Secondly, the guitar will age very well and will sound better as time passes. Third, the guitar will gain value as it gets older.

Sound Production: 7.0

Even though the sound is a bit week in the upper registers, I believe the sound will steadily improve as the guitar gracefully ages. The Takamine G128S does have a deep rich sound for a lower priced classical guitar and is very impressive indeed.

One thing you may want to consider is replacement of the Tusq nut and saddle with a good quality bone nut and saddle. The change-out will definitely give the guitar more projection and volume. If you combine this with a  change in action, that would be the ideal time to handle all operations at one time.

Action: 8.0

The Takamine G128S guitar comes quite well set up, but again, was a bit high for my taste, as is often the case with classical guitars. A few minutes adjusting the action at the nut and the saddle will do wonders for string action and playability in general.

Refer to my repair sections on  nut, saddle and string action adjustments  if you wish to tackle this yourself.

Durability: 7.5

All classical guitars are quite fragile and should not be abused, so be sure you introduce adequate humidity to the atmosphere where the guitar will reside.  Abuse with this as well as any guitar will definitely ruin it, so handle it with care. Do not let it overheat or expose it to extreme temperature changes.

Be sure to read the following article on care for your instrument: Guitar Humidity Control. It addresses climatic conditions you should consider with the purchase of a guitar with solid wood.

The Takamine G128S appears to be built very solidly and should give you many years of service - a lifetime if you treat in correctly.

Customer Service/Warranty: 10.0

Service is handled through Kaman Music. Here is the warranty information from their site.

You need to contact your place of purchase with a copy of your sales receipt and request a warranty service evaluation. The dealer or service center should then contact Kaman Music and request a Return Authorization number.

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Our Limited Lifetime warranty policy means that for the first 2 years you own the product, Kaman Music will cover all parts and labor for anything deemed defective. After that initial 2 year period, Kaman will cover the parts for anything deemed defective as long as you own the product, but now the consumer is responsible for any labor charges incurred in the repair.

Overall Score: 8.1

The Takamine G128S is a very high quality beginner guitar. This guitar will grow with you as your playing matures, extending you well into the intermediate level of your musical instruction.

Being that the Takamine G128S has the solid Spruce top with nicely done fan bracing, along with the solid Rosewood back and sides it allows great sound to come through. Durability will depend mostly on the guitar's owner to make sure there is no abuse to this guitar and you can be assured that the guitar will be relatively trouble-free.

I would highly recommend this guitar to the beginning guitar student or small child. 

I feel this and the Takamine G128S are very comparable, but I DO like the solid back and sides exhibited on this model.