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Guitar String Hammer Ons

The String Hammer-on is or can be one of the most difficult string ornamental Effects you can perform on the guitar. We show you just how to do it.

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Guitar String Hammer Ons

You will find that Hammer-Ons are the inverse of String Pull-Offs. Rather than pulling the string off you hammer the string.

Guitar String Hammer-ons - How it is done:

The way you start this is by means of positioning of your finger on the lower note of the hammer-on you intend to complete. Place your 1st finger on the 1st fret of the 1st string. While tightly holding this finger in place, pick the note (which is an F note).

The next step is for you to tightly hammer your 3rd finger of your left hand on the 3rd fret of the first string, playing a G note.

It will take finger development and force training to acquire enough power to hammer notes clearly and loudly. With time and practice, your finger strength will develop to a point where you hammer-ons will sound loud and well defined.

Ideas on how to acquire the best out of your hammer-ons.

First: Prepare to play the 2nd note, or the hammered-on note as soon as you play the beginning note. The best way is to hover your 3rd finger above the 3rd fret. You will observe that as you become more well versed, and gain strength in your fingers, you will not need to perform this any more.

Second: Location is extremely important. Be sure to hammer as close to the next higher fret as you can. Example: To hammer on the 3rd fret of the 1st string (this would be a G note) you would hammer-on directly behind the 4th fret. It may take a bit of location adjustment to encounter just the properly spot that works most beneficial for you.

String Hammer Ons - Some Examples

Interested in the PDF file of the example below? Just click on this link Guitar String Hammer-ons for the free file.

You also can download the free Guitar Pro file to here how it is really done. Click on the link Guitar String Hammer-Ons for that file.

String Hammer-Ons

The Alternatives for String Hammer-Ons:

There are variations that can make hammer-ons even more more colorful. These will give a few substantial color to your practicing patterns, with variety you will be able to show-off your talents.

Multiple Finger String Hammer-Ons:

Hammer-Ons with multiple consecutive fingers is a bit more complicated to execute, but gives a genuinely nice effect. Start the hammer-on sequence with the open string. Follow up with the 1st finger hammered on the 1st fret and end with the 2nd finger hammered on the 2nd fret.

Combining String Hammer-ons and Pull-offs:

You will observe that this is a very interesting combination. You actually mix a hammer-on with a pull-off with a single stroke of the pick. Commence this sequence by placing your 1st finger on the 1st fret of the 1st string. Hold that note throughout the 3-note triplet sequence. Next you are going to sound the hammer-on portion of the series. Hammer-on your 3rd finger on the 3rd fret to play a G note. instantly pull-off that note with your third finger, going back to the original F note on the first fret, which you already have fingered.

Picked Note Combination String Hammer-ons:

Use this technique for triplet passages in many songs. It is a combination of a kick-off hammer-on and ends with a picked note. The hammer-on is begun with a down-stroke of the pick. The 3rd note in the series is played with an up-stroke of the pick and can be on the next higher string, and additionally, it can be open or fretted.

Double Stop String Hammer-ons:

This variation of hammer-on is quite hard to perform and therefore it is used quite rarely. The method starts with a double stop or a double string note. After you play the double stop you hammer-on one of the strings while the other string continues to ring. One thing you ought to be aware of is that oftentimes, at least a first, your pinkie finger will not be up to the task of a hammer-on as it lacks the required force to produce a distinct, and loud tone. In order to pick the hammer-on plainly, I have shifted the 3rd or ring finger to hammer-on the note.

String Hammer-On, Pull-Off Double Stop Combination:

This combination sounds really quite cool on the guitar. Start this exercise with a double note or double-stop hammer-on. You then mix a string pull-off on the end. This type of ornamental is normally played as a triplet or three notes with one beat.