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Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartB - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Another great Norman Blake and Tony Rice piece with some challenging twists.

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Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartB - Flatpicking Guitar Lesson:

Stoney Point is another great song performed by Norman Blake and Tony Rice on their CD Blake and Rice.

The second break is kind of interesting. It is a E minor version or more of a transition into the Part C portion of the song.

I really like these breaks that do dip into the relative minor keys as they give a very interesting and unique sound to the song. .

Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartB - Flatpicking Guitar Lesson - Tips On This Break:

Probably the most important aspect of this part of the song is using the correct LH fingering. As in the part A portion this portion of the break, most of it is played in the open 2nd position.

Make your finger adjustments as necessary and as indicated in the TAB and notation in the transcription below.

Kick off this break with a slide with the LH 2nd finger up to the 4th fret on the 3rd string. Be sure to let this note ring while you play the next note, which is the open first string or the E.

Next be sure to play the Em triad, smoothly and you are automatically setup for the next run in the 2nd position.

Most importantly you need to setup your RH fingering in order to play the slide in the 3rd measure. This is done by making sure you play the last note of the 2nd measure with the RH 2nd finger. You can then easily perform the slide with the same 2nd finger.

One of the hardest passages you will find in the Part B section of this break is the chromatic cross-picking section in the 7th measure. As you do bridge several string with eighth notes and end up with a triad strum, you have to play it technically correct.

This means that you need to watch the RH pick directions very closely and play them exactly as indicated..

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Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartB - Flatpicking Guitar Lesson:
Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartB

If you would like the Guitar Pro File for this break, which is very faithful to the song and will allow you to make your own unique break, play along with this break, and give you the speed training option, you can load it here: Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartB, Guitar Pro File.

If you would like to download the full PDF document for, click on this link to download it right to your computer. Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartB PDF.