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Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartA - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Another great Norman Blake and Tony Rice piece with some challenging twists.

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Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartA - Flatpicking Guitar Lesson:

Stoney Point is another great song performed by Norman Blake and Tony Rice on their CD Blake and Rice.

Although not terribly difficult this break will present its share of difficulties for the intermediate guitarist.

In listening to the original song track, I believe you can immediately hear the distinct difference between these 2 guitarists style as it is illustrated very clearly on the breaks.

Norman has a more earthy, slightly choppy sounding style as opposed to the very smooth exacting quality of the Tony Rice flatpicking.

Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartA - Flatpicking Guitar Lesson - Tips On This Break:

As with many flatpicking songs, this one has a few triplet eighth notes, which are played as hammer-ons. Our first one comes in the first measure to kick-off this break.

In the second measure, you will note that the LH fingering is not conventional. I call this the open second position fingering whereby you shift your normal fingering up a fret so that you can easily reach some of the higher notes and not involve the pinky finger as much to gain more speed.

This position shift is also used with the triple hammer-ons, where you are also able to use the LH 1st and 3rd fingers vs. the normal First Position where you would use the 2nd and 4th fingers.

Just a reminder that for the first position your LH finger numbers and fret numbers correspond - i.e. 1st finger plays 1st fret, 2nd finger plays 2nd fret and so on....

Be sure to download the GuitarPro file at the bottom of the article, so you can build your speed slowly and smoothly with the Speed Trainer portion of the program.

Also, you can add a track for rhythm chords so you can have your own auto-rhythm to play along with.

Two more parts to go on this song. In the next lesson we will tackle the middle break of the song and then finish things up with the 3rd part. If time permits we will get into some of the Rice blues licks as well, which Tony so eloquently plays for this song.

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Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartA - Flatpicking Guitar Lesson:
Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartA

If you would like the Guitar Pro File for this break, which is very faithful to the song and will allow you to make your own unique break, play along with this break, and give you the speed training option, you can load it here: Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartA, Guitar Pro File.

If you would like to download the full PDF document for, click on this link to download it right to your computer. Stoney Point Intermediate Tab PartA PDF.