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Snow Shoes Intermediate TAB

There aren't too many guitarist that measure up to Kenny Smith with his silky-smooth presentaion. Learn this great tune from his Studebaker CD.

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If you are an intermediate guitarist and are interested in learning a straight-up flatpicking break, then you should seriously consider memorizing this great tune performed by the very talented Kenny Smith.

Kenny recorded this tune on his Studebaker CD and If you like good clean guitar breaks, you should get it and memorize some of his silky smooth breaks.

This song in played in the key of C Major with no capo, so it is actually played in the key of C Major.

The break is quite straight forward and it uses a lot of chord forms in the break. By this I mean keep an eye on the chord diagrams above the score so you know what is coming next and also you can prepare your fingering of your left hand.

There is a bit of syncopation in a few measures, but if you have the GuitarPro file or you choose to listen to the Studebaker CD, you can much more easily get through this.

Have a good time playing Snow Shoes and be sure to add it to your collection of guitar breaks!

The TAB below only shows the first 2 of these licks. If you want a great, professionally transcribed version of all six of them in PDF format you download one for free at our shopping site, which is were we will be handling all of our free TAB, TAB music books and much more.

The TAB has all of the chords and notes accurately transcribed. All the left hand fingerings you should use and the correct down and up strokes of the pick for each note is indicated as well. Also, the Guitar Pro master file is included to additionally help you.

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Snow Shoes Intermediate TAB:
Snow Shoes Intermediate TAB

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