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Shenandoah Breakdown - Intermediate Flatpick Guitar Tab PartC

Shenandoah Breakdown - Intermediate Tab - Third Lesson for this song which will give you variations to spice it up.

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Shenandoah Breakdown - Intermediate Tab PartC:

This Ultimate Guitar Acoustic Guitar Lessons consists of the "C" Part of Shenandoah Breakdown, which consists of variations of this tune.

With these variations, you will be able to play a second break for this great song. There is a bass variation and a blues lick with which you can construct an additional variation for this song.

Memorize the blues lick as you can utilize if for other songs in the same key.

Shenandoah Breakdown - Tips On This Part C Break:

The first variation to Shenandoah Breakdown is a bass break for the Part A, or the first half of the song. There is not a whole lot of surprise here in that the break is played with many of the same notes as the first break - only an octave lower.

When you work on this break try to figure out your own variations to bring a little more color to the tune. You will notice that many flatpicker's seldom play a break exactly the same way each time they go through the piece.

Use the knowledge that you have accumulated to place your own slides, hammer-ons, blues notes, triplet hammer-ons etc., to make this break uniquely your own creation.

In the section part of this lesson, we will concentrate on a blues lick that is used for the last 4 measures of the Part A break of the song as it is played through for the second time. In other words you replace measure 6, 10, 11 and 12.

This is a Tony Rice style of lick, and in fact you will hear Wyatt Rice, Tony's Brother play it as well.

Start this lick by sliding your LH first finger from the 1st to the 3rd fret, with a slight delay to the note you slide to. This sets you up to play most of the remainder of the lick in the 3rd position.

Work of the note bend, which is shown in the second measure of the lick. Bend it just enough to give it that great blues sound.

This lick is 4 measures long and the last three of it are replacing the second ending portion of the song. When you go on to Part B of the song, be sure to insert the proper transition note - you can get this from the second lesson or Shenandoah Breakdown Tab PartB.

So here are the three lessons for this lick:

Shenandoah Breakdown Tab PartA.
Shenandoah Breakdown Tab PartB.
Shenandoah Breakdown Tab PartC.

Guitar Pro 5

Shenandoah Breakdown Intermediate Tab PartC:
Shenandoah Breakdown Intermediate Tab PartB

If you would like the Guitar Pro File for this break, which is very faithful to the song and will allow you to make your own unique break, play along with this break, and give you the speed training option, you can load it here Note that his also contains the Part A portion of the song so you will have the entire break in this file: Shenandoah Breakdown Intermediate PartC Guitar Pro File.

If you would like to download the full PDF document for, click on this link to download it right to your computer. Shenandoah Breakdown Intermediate Tab PartC PDF.