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Sally Ann Beginner TAB

Learn this rapid-fire, beginner fiddle tune and then graduate on to the more difficult versions of this song.

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Here is a great piece for you beginner flatpickers to try. Be aware that this is not a TAB for the very beginner guitar player and you should have a bit of experience under your belt before you dive into this one as it kind of bridges the gap between beginner and intermediate playing skills.

The song is normally played with a capo on the second fret and when you play in C Major with the capo, you are actually playing the song in the key of D Major.

A couple of reasons this my be a bit difficult for the new guitar player.

First the timing is a bit difficult. It is somewhat syncopated, which means that some of the notes are played off-the beat in combination with others that are on the beat. This happens in measures 3, 5, 9 and 13, so be careful and really watch your pick strokes in these areas too.

Secondly, this break has its share of rapid eighth not passages, which can be very intense for the beginner, especially if there is cross-picking involved.

The TAB has all of the notes accurately transcribed, rhythm chords, all the left hand fingerings you should use and the correct down and up strokes of the pick for each notes. Also, the Guitar Pro file contains a second track with the rhythm track so you can slow this one down to practice playing it and then gradually pick-up the tempo.

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Sally Ann Beginner TAB:
Sally Ann Beginner TAB

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