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Nine Pound Hammer Tab Tony Rice

Nine Pound Hammer Tab Tony Rice | One of the great breaks by the greatest flatpicker of all time Tony Rice. Free Tab and Guitar Pro Files.

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Nine Pound Hammer Tab Tony Rice

Nine Pound Hammer is a great Bluegrass tune that sounds incredible with both Fingerstyle and Flatpicking guitar methods. This version is one that Tony Rice plays in his opening break on the YouTube video that is shown below.

Tony plays this song in the key of A Major but he is using a capo on the 2nd Fret. So while actually playing in G Major the capo brings the tuning up 2 half steps into the key of A Major.

Nine Pound Hammer has always been a favorite of many guitar players because of the blues type opportunities you have in arranging this song. I think what really propelled this song into the flatpicking arrangement was an arrangement that was played by Clarence White, back in his Bluegrass Flatpicking days. Tony has taken the arrangement by Clarence and has put it on steroids.

What makes this break quite difficult is all of the hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides that are played within a short period of time, which is typical of Tony's guitar playing style.

The break you find here is really about 1/4 of the the total break that Tony plays. We will take a look at the other parts of the break later, so come back for those. In the meantime, play this one really slow and I would recommend you use the Speed Trainer of Guitar Pro to really nail the timing and picking directions. You will learn the intimate details of the way Tony plays by mastering this short break and can apply them to other songs.

Nine Pound Hammer Tab Tony Rice - Performing The Run:

Here is the video, showing Tony playing this break, which starts at about the 30 second mark of the video. The break lasts right around 30 seconds long.

Nine Pound Hammer Tab Tony Rice - Play It Smoothly

This essence of the Rice style is the smoothness in his playing. He makes very difficult passages look simple, while actually they are very difficult. This is done by keeping movements of both the left hand and right hand minimal and very efficient.

Left Hand: Keep your fingers close to the frets and when you move your finger, do not lift it any higher than need be to just clear the string. You will find as you do this your notes will sound cleaner, longer and you will be playing faster. Also, when playing the hammer-ons and pull-offs, depend on the strength of your fingers to initiate these ornamental notes so you again are not lifting your fingers any more than necessary.

Right Hand: The same can be said for the right hand. While picking the notes, watch your pick and watch how you cover the strings - going from one string to the other. Stay low and when you do up-down strokes with the pick, make them with force by picking through the string. In other words firmly pick the string with the very tip of the pick so the string moves out of the way of the pick without you lifting the pick to get out of the way of the string. Okay I know that is not quite possible, but you need to lift the pick as minimally as possible. Wild hopping of the pick wastes energy and speed, as does excessive swings of the pick to play the notes.

Nine Pound Hammer Tab Tony Rice - What It Looks Like In TAB Format

Nine Pound Hammer Tab
Nine Pound Hammer Tab Tony Rice - The PDF and Guitar Pro Information

If you wish to download the actual Guitar Pro file of the above lick, click the link below:

Nine Pound Hammer Tab Tony Rice Guitar Pro File

If you wish to download the PDF file of the above run so you can print it out and keep it for your files click the link below:

Nine Pound Hammer Tab Tony Rice PDF File