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New River Train Intermediate Tab

New River Train Intermediate Tab, by The Norman Blake at Ultimate-Guitar-Online.Com, arrangement by Ultimate Guitar Online

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New River Train Intermediate Tab:

I still remember this as one of the first flatpicking guitar albums that I purchased and was totally amazed at the speed and style of Norman Blake, combined with the expert silky smooth style of master flatpicker Tony Rice. This CD contains some of the best flatpicking music you will hear anywhere as only Blake and Rice can play it.

True Bluegrass InstrumentalsIf you love some of the greatest flatpicking ever, be sure to pick up this album. It combined 2 of the best flatpicker's of all time. The guitar picking is great as are the vocals. You even get a good dose of Norman's Mandolin in some of the songs. Be sure to add Blake and Rice to your bluegrass collection

New Chance Blues, Green Light on the Southern, I'm Not Sayin', Texas Gales, Ridge Road Grave, Monroe's Hornpipe, Last Train from Poor Valley, New River Train, Stoney Point, Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar, Little Beggarman/Gilderoy, The Shipyard Apprentice, Medley: Fiddler's Dram/Whiskey Before Breakfast, I'm Comin' Back But I Don't Know When

New River Train Intermediate Tab
This lesson is available in the following formats:

New River Train Intermediate Tab- Guitar Pro File - Note: This is a free download for you!

New River Train Intermediate Tab - PDF File - Note: This is a free download for you !

Note: This is a free download for you! This will give you access to the Guitar Pro file that I used to render this TAB and includes the fingerings, rhythm chords and a great deal more. The RSE sound module is a outstanding feature of Guitar Pro. Merely turn it on, and play this download file. The sound of the RSE is outstanding and you will be able to acquire realistic sounding rhythm guitar with which you can practice. Plus you can rearrange the song to suit your tastes and playing level.

Just click the link to begin downloading this free of charge PDF file right away! The file will show you all the notation, TAB, left hand fingering, right hand fingering if this is a fingerstyle guitar piece, ornamentals, timing and a great deal more.

Transcription of this song was completed in eMedia's Guitar-Pro. We love this program here at UGOL and use it for all of our documenting and transcriptions. It has a great deal of features which we appreciate and can document music surprisingly quickly. It is Mac and PC compatible. We have issued a comprehensive review of Guitar Pro 6. Just click this link to read it. If you would like to use if free for 15 days, please click HERE to go to the download section.

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The First Break:

New River Train Beginner Tab - The First Break: This beginner version of New River Train is tabbed out in true Norman Blake tradition. It contains both lead and rhythm chords that give this break a unique Blake quality. Master this first break and you will have a much easier time with the second or the intermediate break as we only add fill notes to make it the second version.

Beginners beware of the last couple of measures as this is a blues run of eighth notes that brings you well into intermediate flatpicking territory.

Another thing you should work toward is playing the double and triple chord notes with a brush type picking style and work on the timing too.

The link to the Intro is: New River Train Beginner Tab.

Guitar Pro: a tablature editor, a score player, and a backing band all in one
New River Train Intermediate Tab
The Second Break:

New River Train Intermediate Tab - The Second Break: As mentioned in the first break, this second or intermediate break uses the first break as the foundation for most of the notes you will see here. What makes this much harder to play is the unrelenting strings of eighth notes in the runs, which will really tax your right hand strength. Just start very slowly and work up to speed and you will impress yourself with how fluent this break sounds. Definitely a great intermediate flatpicking guitar piece.

The link to the intermediate version is: New River Train Intermediate Tab.

New River Train Intermediate Tab
The Third Break:

New River Train Advanced Tab - The Third Break: This last break will definitely be a challenge as we are getting into the Tony Rice style of playing, which is up the neck very blues type of playing and at this speed, you will do quite a bit of finger stumbling at first to try to mimic the Rice playing style.

The link to the Advanced version is: New River Train Advanced Tab.

New River Train Intermediate Tab
Guitar Tab Notes on the lesson:

Want to learn how to read Guitar Tab? Just click HERE for an overview of reading TAB. Also, click HERE if you need some help interpretation Notation. We have put together a few more interesting and informative articles that will assist you play this piece. There is a summary of them in the links below. Click on each link to go to an online tutorial on each discipline.

New River Train Intermediate Tab
Tab Tips on This Selection:

Are you stumbling a bit with handling the Flat Pick? With a little coaching from the article, Right Hand Techniques. You will soon be picking up speed and with definition.

Or if you are having trouble with the fingering of your Left Hand? Find a great deal of useful material in the article, Left Hand Techniques to obtain needed direction.

Having trouble with Crosspicking technique? We have a great article on Learning How to Crosspick.

New River Train Intermediate Tab
Memorize Your Ultimate Guitar Tab:

Make sure to memorize your songs. interested in the best way to do this? Unless you are blessed with something like perfect pitch, you will have to learn one small piece or a measure at a time. Master each small segment before you move on to the next measure.

Always return to the novice of the section you are memorizing and then append the new measure to it.

New River Train Intermediate Tab 1 - (Click on Tab to Get Guitar Pro File)
New River Train Beginner Tab
New River Train Intermediate Tab 2 - (Click on Tab to Get Guitar Pro File)
New River Train Beginner Tab