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Learn Guitar Chords - By Root Note

Learn Guitar Chords | Free Guitar Charts For Most of the Chords You Will Ever Need

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Learn Guitar Chords by Root Note

Want to have a guitar practice session of every chord you can imagine? We have provided you with a very extensive list of Ultimate Guitar Chords on this page. It is doubtful whether you will need to do an exhaustive search for additional chords as these will satisfy 99.9% of your needs.

The chords are broken down into each major key signature, starting with the key of "C" and ending with the key of "B". This will give you all 12 keys for the scales. Keep in mind that these chords are not in families. What we mean by that is that we do not have these chords grouped into "Chords for the Key of C Major", which would be C, F and G7th.

Look for that list of Ultimate Guitar Chords coming up very shortly.

For now just click on each of the Tabs above to reveal each Ultimate Guitar Chord chart for that respective key.

We have also provided each of these charts available in PDF formatas a free download. If you prefer to print them yourself then Download the Chord Charts.

Be sure to obtain Adobe Acrobat Version 6 or Up for these to work for you. They are presented in 12 easy-to-read pages, which will allow you to assemble them in a 3-ring binder or other notebook for easy access.

All of these guitar instruction files were authored in eMedia's Guitar-Pro. This is the favorite tab and notation authoring software for us here at Ultimate Guitar OnLine. It is filled with features and is simple to use - even without a manual. It is compatible with PC and Mac. We use it on the Mac here and it is a pleasure to use. To see a full review click HERE. Otherwise if you would like to try a free copy of it, you can download the demo HERE and use it for 15 days.

C Chords
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D Chords
Eb Chords
E Chords
F Chords
Gb Chords
G Chords
Ab Chords
A Chords
Bb Chords
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