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Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab - Flatpick Guitar Tab

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab, Flatpick Guitar Tab arrangement by Tony Rice, tab by Ultimate Guitar Online

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Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab:

Jerusalem Ridge is another of my favorites in the Bluegrass genera. This song was first performed by famed fiddler Kenny Baker with Bill Monroe. This is one of Kenny's great arrangements and there are a lot of twists in turns in the song. It is certainly a lot more than just a simple A/B or two part fiddle tune. There is a lot of depth to this song and it is really fun to play and to experiment on this one.

True Bluegrass InstrumentalsUnit of Measure by Tony Rice is a fabulous CD to have in your collection you will find some of the best of Tony in this CD, including the cut Jerusalem Ridge, which I am featuring here. Not only is this CD a pleasure to listen to, you will find that you are constantly asking yourself -'how does he do that'.

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Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab
This lesson is available in the following formats:

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab - Guitar Pro File - Note: This is a free download for you!

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab - PDF File - Note: This is a free download for you !

The rhythm for this song is located on the second track of the Guitar Pro file above. It lists all of the chords, chord diagrams and timing for the song. You can use that file to practice your lead for this song.

Enjoy this complimentary download file! You will receive the original Guitar Pro file that I used to produce this song including the rhythm chords, fingerings etc.. Turn on RSE and you can savour listening to the song as if it was really being played! This will give you an outstanding sound. Once you have the Guitar Pro file, you can not only play along with this file, you can also tweak it to suit your own practicing style and arrangement.

Note: This is a free download for you ! This will enclose the entire tablature of the song, notation, left hand fingering and if this is a fingerstyle song, the right hand fingering will be included as well, and lots more.

The included files for this piece were transcribed in eMedia's Guitar-Pro. We love this program here at UGOL and use it for all of our documenting and transcriptions. It is amazing how quickly you can transcribe a song using this software. It is Mac and PC compatible. We use it on the Mac here and it is a pleasure to use. We have issued a comprehensive critique of Guitar Pro 6. Just click this link to read it. A demo version is also available for you to try. Click HERE for 15 days of full-featured use.

I have three versions of Jerusalem Ridge TAB available.

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab
Beginner Tab:

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner Tab - The First Break, Beginners - This one will be a real challenge for you! While this is termed a beginner break, with the number of eighth notes strung together it certainly does fall into the quasi-intermediate area. If you are just beginning Flatpick Guitar, you can try this one, but it will most likely be too difficult for you to play. Also considering the length of the the tune, it is more difficult to memorize. I don't say this to you do discourage you but just as a suggestion that you try this tune where you have some other good beginner flatpicking pieces under you belt. Then come back here and have fun!

About the hardest part of this break is the INTRO. This is a hammer-on chord. Just strum the 4-note open strings and immediately hammer-on an A minor chord with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd LF fingers. Try to make the Am sound almost as loud as the open strings - it will be a good learning exercise for you.

Because of the number of parts (5 in all), I have broken the TAB into two separate parts for each break - The part A and the part B. This is a long song and it will take you at least twice as long to memorize as typical fiddle tunes.

The link to the beginner version is: Jerusalem Ridge Beginner Part A Tab.
The link to the beginner version is: Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartB Tab.

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab
Intermediate Tab:

Jerusalem Ridge Intermediate Tab - The Second Break: The intermediate version of this song is really fun to play. In involves what I call the machine gun approach to flatpicking guitar, which is a steady array of eighth notes strung together. If your right arm doesn't ache after a practice session on this break, then my hats off to you!

Also we will play around with octaves and transitioning to the higher positions, or playing 'up-the-neck' with some of the parts of this song.

The link to the intermediate version is: Jerusalem Ridge Intermediate PartA Tab.
The link to the intermediate version is: Jerusalem Ridge Intermediate PartB Tab.

Guitar Pro: a tablature editor, a score player, and a backing band all in one

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab
Advanced Tab:

Jerusalem Ridge Advanced Tab - The Third Break: This one will bring us into variations with lots of ornamentals of lots of pull-offs, hammer-ons, slides and triplet hammer-ons. So come to the party prepared for you RH to about drop off with this break.

If you learn to play this break up to proper speed you will be the star of the parking lot pickin' group. Other picker's will ask how you do that. Use this break to build up your own breaks. Feel free to use the Free Guitar Pro file to augment and make it truly your own style.

The link to the Advanced version is: Jerusalem Ridge Advanced Tab.

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab
Guitar Tab Notes on the lesson:

Click HERE to go to our tutorial article, where you can discover tablature. Also, click HERE if you need a number of help interpretation Notation. Here are some additional tutorials that will help you go through this song a bit easier. I have summarized them herewith. Click a link and you will be taken directly to the specific article which will carefully explain the implementation of each topic.

Does the Flat Pick give you trouble? This article supplies you lots of info on appropriate strategies - Right Hand strategies.

Or if you are having trouble with the fingering of your Left Hand? Take a look at Left Hand techniques and get some help there.

Having trouble with Crosspicking technique? We have a great article on Learning How to Crosspick.

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab
Ultimate Guitar Tab Tips on This Selection:

Watch your up and down strokes carefully. It is critical that you keep them consistent. Down strokes are almost always on the downbeat and upstrokes are often on the upbeat, but not always. We have clearly shown the down and up strokes below each note in the tab. The down-up strokes are shown on the tab below the Guitar Tab staff.

Watch your left hand fingering very closely. All the fingering numbers are shown adjacent to the note head in the notation staff.

Start slowly and gradually work up to speed. Learn this song by heart and be able to play it nearly flawlessly before you attempt to play it up-to-speed. This piece is usually played at about 210 to 220 bpm.

Beginners should start this song at about 120 to 140 bpm until fully memorized and mastered. Then gradually work up to about 180 to 200. The 220 to 240 gets you into expert status territory.

Guitar Pro has a really cool feature called speed trainer. you can set a loop of accompaniment chords to be played and after each loop the speed increased by a percent that you specify. I love this feature and it gives you milestone very clearly as to you speed conditioning.

Each quarter note = one beat in the measure so there are 4 quarter notes in just about every measure.

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab
Memorize Your Ultimate Guitar Tab:

Make sure to memorize your songs. Want to receive additional information as to how to do this effortlessly? You will have to memorize one short snippet at a time. Play that accurately through memory and you can move on to the next segment. Always return to the beginning of the section you are memorizing and then append the new measure to it.

It is very important that once you have the entire piece memorized, you play it through several more times.

Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab 1 - (Click on Tab to Get Guitar Pro File)
Jerusalem Ridge Beginner Tab
Jerusalem Ridge Beginner PartA Tab 2 - (Click on Tab to Get Guitar Pro File)
Jerusalem Ridge Beginner Tab