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Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab - Advanced Fingerstyle

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Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab - Advanced Fingerstyle:

Are you up for a challenge? Just about any guitar break by the late great Jerry Reed will give you a challenge, a fit, and total satisfaction once you master it. One of Jerry's greatest solos is Jerry's Breakdown. The first time I herd this song was on the album Me and Jerry, by Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed. When I first herd that song, I had to learn how to play it. It was so unbelievable how he could play a guitar to should like a melodic banjo piece. I struggled and struggled with that song, but I finally mastered it, although over the years I have added my own style in the mix too.

Jerry plays this on his classical guitar, and in my opinion is the best version of many that he did over the years. In later tabs I will give you chords and the verse and chords portions of this song, which are awesome.

True Bluegrass InstrumentalsMe and Jerry - Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed: If you are interested in unbelievable fingerpickin' don't let this CD get away from your collection. When Chet and Jerry get together, you can tell they are having all kinds of fun and their playing style exemplifies this. These guys were truly super-pickers. Some of these songs are now classics in the fingerstyle guitar community, such as Cannonball Rag, All I Ever Need is You and of course Jerry's Breakdown.

Tennessee Stud; Bridge Over Troubled Water; MacArthur Park; Old Man River; Nut Sundae; Cannonball Rag; Wreck of the John B; Stump Water; The January-February March; Something; Jerry's Breakdown; Limehouse Blues; Liebestraum; Serenade to Summertime; Nashtown Ville; Mystery Train; The Mad Russian; Flying South; Good Stuff; All I Ever Need Is You

Jerrys Breakdown Intrduction Tab This lesson is available in the following formats:

    Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab Guitar Pro File - Note: This is a free download for you! The file has all of the notation, TAB, left hand fingering, rhythm chords and more. Turn on RSE and you can enjoy listening to the song as if it was really being played! Amazing sound.

    Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab PDF File - Note: This is a free download for you ! This will include the full tablature of the song, notation, rhythm tracks, fingering and lots more. Plus you can rearrange the song to suit your tastes and playing level. We also include the Tab Notes teaching system.


All of these files were authored in eMedia's Guitar-Pro. This is the favorite tab and notation authoring software for us here at Ultimate Guitar OnLine. It is filled with features and is simple to use - even without a manual. It is compatible with PC and Mac. We use it on the Mac here and it is a pleasure to use. To see a full review click HERE. Otherwise if you would like to try a free copy of it, you can download the demo HERE and use it for 15 days.

Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab
The Introduction:

Jerry's Breakdown Introduction Tab: I have to break down this guitar tab into several different section, because of the difficulty level involved. If you are new to playing a guitar melodically, this will have kind of a foreign feel to you. The reason for this is to play a guitar melodic, just as you would a banjo, you intermix notes fingered in the upper positions with as many open strings as possible. This gets things mixing up quite a bit and it is the ringing through of all the notes that gives this technique its very unusual sound.

It will feel foreign to you until you get accustomed to playing these open strings in lieu of fretted notes. Make a quick run-through of the song and you will see what I mean.

Also while the Guitar Pro version of this song captures the song's mood quite nicely, I sound a whole lot better when played properly as tabbed or by the notation.

Pay very close attention to both the right and fingering and the left hand fingering which I have clearly depicted in the notation. This is the KEY to playing this song smoothly and up to speed.

This first break is really just the introduction to the song that Jerry plays. It is a banjo-type riff and it is really cool. You will be happy to be able to play just this portion of the song smoothly and up to speed!

Other portions of the song are to follow so watch for those as I get them tabbed out.

The link to the Intro is: Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab.

Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab
The PartA Tab:

Jerrys Breakdown PartA Tab: Here is the Verse portion of the song. It is almost totally played melodically and is very difficult to play up to speed. It is 16 measures of hard-driving fingerstyle guitar, with hardly any letup, so you really have memorize this song very well.

Try to keep your left hand fingers on the strings as long as you possibly can to keep the ringing of the melodic notes going through one another, which makes for that unique sound that Jerry attained.

Also the hammer-ons are very important in this break. Not only do they give a flowing sound, they allow you to play the break faster and smoother. Especially watch the hammer-ons that first sound the fretted note and then the same note as an open string. This is what gives the song the banjo type feeling.

The link to the Second Part is: Jerrys Breakdown PartA Tab.

Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab
The PartB Tab:

Jerrys Breakdown PartB Tab: This is the Chorus portion of the song. It is almost totally played melodically and is very difficult to play up to speed. It is 10 measures of up-the-neck melodic style guitar. Make careful note of the chord changes because there is just one note that changes from measure to measure. Also - each chord is fingered at the beginning of each measure and held for the entire measure, so memorize these chord progressions and this will be much easier for you than that of part A.

There is also a set pattern for the right hand fingering and if you can play one measure you will be able to play them all.

After you play Part B through twice, go back to Part A and play that one more time. After that we will have an OUTRO, or ending lick, and I will cover that in the next installment of this song. Have fun!

The link to the Second Part is: Jerrys Breakdown PartB Tab.

Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab
The PartC Tab:

Jerrys Breakdown PartC Tab: This part of the song is my own take on one of the verses. It is kind of a quasi lead/rhythm break and is a lot of fun to play. One thing I like to do is stick this break in the middle of the machine gun notes of the Reed breaks. It gives you fingers and your brain time to collect before you 'jump-in' again.

Right after you play this verse, go on to the chorus once again. That is how it sounds the best.

Play these patterns as smoothly as you can and let the notes ring through each other.

After you play Part B through twice, go back to Part A and play that one more time. After that we will have an OUTRO, or ending lick, and I will cover that in the next installment of this song. Have fun!

The Link to the Third Part is: Jerrys Breakdown PartC Tab.

Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab
The Ending Tab:

Jerrys Breakdown Ending Tab: This lick that Jerry did at the end of the song is really cool. The first half of it is just ascending bass notes. The second half is where it gets interesting. Note only do you play the ascending bass notes, you couple that with playing descending treble notes at the same time for a really unique sound.

The easiest way to nail this lick is to play each half separately and then stitch them together. Really watch your left hand fingers and use the exact fingers I have noted in the music. This is key to being able to play this up to speed.

The right hand fingering is important too. You can vary the fingering slightly to suit your own fingerstyle, but don't stray too far off track.

Remember to go really slow and play it evenly. Only then try to introduce some speed.

The link to the Second Part is: Jerrys Breakdown Ending Tab.

Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab
The Rhythm Chords Tab:

Jerrys Breakdown Chords Tab: I don't show any rhythm chords for the into or the ending as these are typically solo pieces by the lead guitar. The chords are tabbed out in typical Reed fingerstyle. You will notice that there are two variations to the chords patterns shown in the tab. Feel free to use either one or change between them during different parts of the song.

The link to the Chords is: Jerrys Breakdown Chords Tab.

Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab - Guitar Tab Notes on the lesson:

If you are not familiar with reading Guitar Tab, click HERE for a quick tutorial. If you are not familiar with reading notation click HERE for some online lesson material we have put together. There are a few more areas that you can brush up on to really get going on this song. I have summarized them below. Just click the links and you can go to that particular article.

Having problems with that flat pick? This article gives you lots of info on proper techniques - Right Hand Techniques.

Having trouble with the fingering? Take a look at Left Hand Techniques and get some help there.

If you desire help with your fingerstyle technique, visit our Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons section.

Jerry Breakdown Introduction Tab - Memorize Your Ultimate Guitar Tab:

Make sure to memorize your songs. What is the easiest way to do this? Unless you have perfect pitch, you will have to learn one section or measure at a time. Once you can play flawlessly move on to the next measure and add it to what you have memorized. Continue this and make sure you can play the first half of the song, including the second ending.

Once you have the first half memorized, move on to the second half, doing the same thing with the second half of the song.

Jerrys Breakdown Introduction Tab
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