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Ibanez G480 Classical Guitar - Review

Ibanez G480 | Specifications, pricing and rating information on this entry level classical guitar

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Model: Ibanez G480 Classical Guitar

No. Strings: 6
650mm scale
52mm nut
Body Style: Classical Body
Top: Solid Cedar
Back: Rosewood
Sides: Rosewood
Neck: Mahogany with Spanish Heel Construction
No. of frets: 18/12 open
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Nut: Ivorex II™
Binding: Rosewood
Rosette: Classical Mosaic Design
Bridge: Rosewood
Tuners: Gold Classical Tuners
Strings: D'Addario® EXP Classical Strings
Saddle: Ivorex II™
Finish: Natural High Gloss

Ibanez G480 List Price: $428.55
Warranty: See Vendor

Jose Ramirez S1 Ibanez G480 Classical Guitar

The Ibanez G480 Classical Guitar features a solid cedar top and rosewood back and sides to provide balanced tone and optimal projection.

The mahogany neck joins the body at the 12th fret and features Spanish style heel construction for greater stability and resonance.

True to traditional design the strings are widely spaced to facilitate proper technique and clean melodic voicing.

Additional classic appointments include a slotted peghead with gold tuners, mosaic patterned rosette, rosewood binding, rosewood fretboard and bridge, and a natural high-gloss finish.

Ibanez G480 List Price: $428.55

Ibanez G480 Classical Guitar Features:
    Solid Cedar top
    Indian Rosewood back and sides
    Solid Mahogany neck with Spanish heel
    Rosewood fretboard
    Fan bracing
    Glossy lacquer finish
    Rosewood Purfling
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Ibanez G480
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  • Joint Detail
Jose Ramirez S1 Back
Jose Ramirez S1 Top Plate
Jose Ramirez S1 Sonnd Hole

This is the detail of the Spanish Joint that Ibanez refers to in their documentation.

The true spanish joint has the guitar sides fit into a slot of the neck. The neck in divided into a heel portion and a foot portion.

The foot is glued directly to the back plate of the guitar. As the diagram does show, everything is constructed per the Spanish Neck specifications

Features: 5.5

Ibanez G480 is actually built in China (ugg), but I guess the guitar community felt that way about Japanese guitars in the 1970's.

What is unique about this entry level or advanced beginner guitar is the use of a solid cedar top, which is a good start to getting some decent sound reproduction. This guitar definitely does sound very respectable for the price point that it is at, which is typically around a $300.00 street price.

As is typical for guitars in this price range, it has laminated back and sides, so don't expect a lot of aging or playing-in abilities with this guitar.

Sound Production: 6.5

The solid cedar top goes a long way in giving this guitar a decent sound and will surly inspire guitarists in the beginning stages of classical guitar study to stick-with-it as this guitar will respond to their needs.

Does it approach the sound of a truly solid wood instrument? Nope, not nearly, but I will admit, when played by a trained guitarist or talanted student, it will put a smile on your face while listening to it. I would definitely classify this guitar as a transitional instrument - one that will take the beginning student well into intermediate guitarist territory.

Action: 6.5

The action of the Ibanez G480 as shipped was marginally o.k.. The first thing I did was remove the strings and shaved the saddle and nut to a more reasonable height. When you are a new student to the guitar, you definitely want the action as low as you can go for your particular playing style and music taste.

What is important is that the neck was straight and the frets were in good condition, with no high or low frets.

Interested in how to do this yourself? visit our sections on Guitar Nut Adjustment, Guitar Saddle Adjustment and Adjusting your Guitar Action for a lot of detailed information on this and many other do-it-yourself repair jobs in our Minor Guitar Repair and Major Guitar Repair sections of the web site.

Durability: 8.0

All classical guitars are quite fragile and should not be abused, but this guitar is made in a shop that is free of humidity and that will help guard against cracks due to poor humidity control. With this as well as any quality guitar, insure that guitar humidity control is kept as constant as possible with humidifiers in the winter and de-humidifiers in the summer. 

The neck of the Ibanez G480 is constructed of Mahogany, which is a very strong, although quite a heave wood. What I expecially like is the use of the traditional spanish joint at the neck/heal/guitar sites, which extends the neck into the interior of the guitar and supports the back and top as well, without any additional jointery.

Customer Service: 10.0

Ibanez is a quality company and stands behind any defects in their instruments. They also have a large network of distributors and they stand behind their products. If no abuse is involved, your guitar will be repaired without any question. Also all vendors listed herewith will give you an additional warranty on these fine instruments.

Overall Score: 7.3

Looking for a beginner classical to start out on? The Ibanez G480 would certainly be one that I would place in the running. With it's solid cedar top, Spanish neck jointery and great-looking finish, you can utilize this guitar for many years of instruction.

Even after moving up from this guitar as you gian experiency, you can certainly use it as a second guitar. After all, all of us guitar players need a different guitar in every room we live, right?

The guitar is certainly worth the money that you pay for it. I don't like that fact that it is made in China, but that is where guitars in this price point are headed.

I would highly recommend the Ibanez G480 as a great starter guitar or even for the advanced beginner student. With a little bit of work on the action at both the nut and saddle end, you will have a guitar that is easy to play, has great intonation and are able to play in all required fingering positions.