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Here There Everywhere Chords Tab - Rhythm Chords

Here There Everywhere Chords Tab, by The Beatles at Ultimate-Guitar-Online.Com, arrangement by Ultimate Guitar Online

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Here There Everywhere Chords Tab - Rhythm Chords:

Another beautiful ballad by the Beatles. Here There and Everywhere was first released in1966 and was a great hit for then. As with a lot of the Lennon/McCartney songs, they can take some unusually twists and turns. You will first notice this in the Bridge section of this song.

The song starts out in the key of G Major and includes a few orchestra chords like the Am7 - really pretty easy. Then you hit the Bridge. The song takes you through a Bb, Cm and D7 passage a couple of times before returning back to the G Major. This is really a great transistion in this song and I'm sure you will get a thrill playing thorough this.

My arrangement is true to the original key that the song was played in by the Beatles.

True Bluegrass InstrumentalsAcross the Universe: One arrangement that I have found that I really love is Here There and Everywhere as played by Eric Hansen on the Classical Guitar. Eric's simplisity on his Beatles songs brings out the beauty of this incredible ballads and allows you to easily follow along without doing finger gymnastics

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This lesson is available in the following formats:

    Here There Everywhere Chords Tab - Guitar Pro File - Note: This is a free download for you! The file has all of the notation, TAB, left hand fingering, rhythm chords and more. Turn on RSE and you can enjoy listening to the song as if it was really being played! Amazing sound.

    Here There Everywhere Chords Tab - PDF File - Note: This is a free download for you ! This will include the full tablature of the song, notation, rhythm tracks, fingering and lots more. Plus you can rearrange the song to suit your tastes and playing level. We also include the Tab Notes teaching system.

All of these files were authored in eMedia's Guitar-Pro. This is the favorite tab and notation authoring software for us here at Ultimate Guitar OnLine. It is filled with features and is simple to use - even without a manual. It is compatible with PC and Mac. We use it on the Mac here and it is a pleasure to use. To see a full review click HERE. Otherwise if you would like to try a free copy of it, you can download the demo HERE and use it for 15 days.

I will have three versions of Here There and Everywhere Guitar TAB available.

Here There Everywhere Chords Tab: The guitar chords for the Beatles song, Here There and Everywhere are splashed all over the Internet. There are very few versions that I have found that are correct or very true to the song. Also they are very cryptic and you can hardly follow along with them. The chords that I have transcribed for you here are 'right-on' with the Beatles original score. You may find a bit of a departure in the actual arrangement, but that is artist's license taking charge.

While this chord arrangement is intended for flatpick guitar, you could play it equally well with fingerstyle acoustic or even a classical guitar.

Here There Everywhere PartA Tab: Again, I have transcribed this version of Here There and Everywhere for either fingerstyle guitar, classical guitar or flatpick steel string guitar. You will have the most difficulty with the INTRO and OUTRO portions of this song, where there are a lot of sixteenth notes, sixteenth triplets and some pretty difficult hammer-on, pull-off combinations.

Watch the syncopation on this version too. As with a lot of the Beatles ballads, they tend to take unexpected twists and turns, as in the BRIDGE portion of the melody. It dips briefly into the Bb, Cm and Gm chords and then resumes to the original melody.

You will also notice that we go into positions on this song. The principle reason for this is for tonal qualities. This allows us to play what is normally an open string note as a closed note. We then can add a vibrato of the seft hand to give it some color.

The link to the Intermediate version is: Here There Everywhere PartA Tab.

Guitar Pro: a tablature editor, a score player, and a backing band all in one

Here There Everywhere PartB Tab: If you can master this version of they song, you can give yourself a pat of the back. This is quite difficult and will take a lot of practice. This is mainly because the break is syncopated between the bass and treble (lead) portions. While it is not apparent when you look at the notation, you will be aware of it when you start to play up-to-speed. This makes for an interesting, challenging and very beautiful arrangement that can be played fingerstyle on either a Classical Guitar or a Steel String Acoustic Guitar.

This arrangement can be played either as a solo, without accompanyment or with a guitar playing the rhythm chords. Good Luck on this arrangement and make sure you memorize it and put it in your playlist!

The link to the Advanced version is: Here There Everywhere PartB Tab.

Here There Everywhere Chords Tab - Guitar Tab Notes on the lesson:

If you are not familiar with reading Guitar Tab, click HERE for a quick tutorial. If you are not familiar with reading notation click HERE for some online lesson material we have put together. There are a few more areas that you can brush up on to really get going on this song. I have summarized them below. Just click the links and you can go to that particular article.

Having problems with that flat pick? This article gives you lots of info on proper techniques - Right Hand Techniques.

Having trouble with the fingering? Take a look at Left Hand Techniques and get some help there.

If you desire help with your fingerstyle technique, visit our Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons section.

Here There Everywhere Chords Tab - Memorize Your Ultimate Guitar Tab:

Make sure to memorize your songs. What is the easiest way to do this? Unless you have perfect pitch, you will have to learn one section or measure at a time. Once you can play flawlessly move on to the next measure and add it to what you have memorized. Continue this and make sure you can play the first half of the song, including the second ending.

Once you have the first half memorized, move on to the second half, doing the same thing with the second half of the song.

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