Guitar Tab: Learn How To Read Guitar Tab And What Notation Program To Purchase

Guitar Tab Interpretation 102

Learn How To Read Guitar Tab

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Guitar Tab Authoring Software

While you will see a lot of this text-based guitar tab, as in the example in.the last lesson, you will see quite a bit of tab based on graphic oriented tab generated software.

Some of these programs provide you with quality based tab that is very easy to read, has all the features of text-based tab plus, it includes all timing for all the notes, just like a music score or notation, more ornamentation information, key signatures, chord diagrams etc.

Some of the better software will allow you to score the base and rhythm parts of the song too. Also, as indicated in the diagram below you can see the tab, the notation and the chord accompaniment all at the same time.

In this lesson I would like to introduce you to Guitar Pro my eMedia.

Cost is just $59.95 and it includes everything you will need to document, arrange, create MIDI, electronic tune your guitar and much much more.

If you look at the tab example above, notice what the notation (the actual notes) correlate directly to the tab, which is indicated on the 3rd score and has the TAB vertically on the left side of the score.

For this example I clicked on the "F" chord form in the middle of the 4th measure. If you click on either the score or the tab for this chord, it will show up on the guitar fingerboard diagram on the bottom. Note the purple dots that show the same notes as the tab and the score. Pretty Cool!

You can also dynamically change/add/delete notes as you please, with a click of the mouse.

G7 Tab Software Example

Let's take a look at some of the ornamentation that we have in this tab. The diagram to the left is a small snippet from the tab above.

Pay special attention to the first two notes. The straight line that leads from the 5th fret to the 7th fret indicates a slide. Just place your finger, (for instance the first finger) on the 5th fret, strike the string and slide your first finger up to the 7th fret. The note will sound on both notes and in between too.

Try this on several different strings, frets and with all four fingers. To make it easier, try to release a bit of pressure just before you slide. The notes should all ring clear and the slide should sound very smooth. Work as stopping at the optimum location, which would be directly in front of the 8th fret.

Look at the diagram above once again. Notice how there is a curved line connecting the two fifth fret notes, and they are separated by the 7th fret note. This would indicated a hammer-on from the 5th fret to the 7th fret and a pull-off immediately afterward, back to the 5th fret.

Our Hands Down Winner is Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro 6.0 is the most powerful and intuitive guitar tab editor on the market. Advanced notation features add drum notation, vocal notation and tablature support for any stringed instruments with four to seven strings! You can create complete scores for a band in minutes. Guitar Pro is your total solution for creating lead sheets, scores, or lesson sheets for your students.

Guitar Pro features the newest in playback technology including RSE-Realistic Sound Engine. RSE gives you real time playback of your scores with realistic sound samples taken from high quality guitars and real time effects such as wah-wah. Improved ASCII import/export and the newly enhanced speed trainer will show you why Guitar Pro is the dominant force in guitar music on the web.

eMedia Guitar Pro 6.0 is only $59.99 - Which is an incredible price for such capable software.

System Requirements:
    WINDOWS:Pentium 500 Mhz, Windows 98SE/2000/XP/Vista, 256 MM RAM, 50 MB Hard Drive free space, Sound Card.
    MAC: MacOS X 10.3 or higher, G3 700 Mhz, 256 MB RAM, Sound card - CD-ROM drive, 40 MB free hard disk space.
eMedia Guitar Pro 6.0 Multitrack Tab Editor Features:
    Powerful, simple and intuitive editor
    Tablature and standard notation
    Complete mix table
    Chord diagram generator
    The Scales Tool - view and listen to a large number of scales, from the most common to the most exotic.
    The Digital or MIDI Tuner - plug your MIDI instrument into your computer or use a microphone.
    The Fretboard and the Keyboard - visually add notes to your score!
    The Metronome and the Countdown - listen to the tempo while playing.
    Import and export MIDI and ASCII format files. Enjoy the tens of thousands of tablatures available on the Internet in Guitar Pro format.
    The WAVE Export allows you to convert a Guitar Pro file into an audio file. This way, it will be playable without Guitar Pro, and you can burn it onto an audio CD.
    Print out your scores to share with friends!
    The BMP Export allows you to save your tablatures to a bitmap image, which can be integrated into a web page to show it off!

I love the features of this program, as it is very feature rich. Since it is available for both computer platforms, it does not leave anyone out. We have been using the Mac version here at Ultimate Guitar OnLine for some time now and use it to generate all of our online lesson materials including the Ultimate Guitar Tabs, notation, midi files and much more. We Love Guitar Pro and you will too! Over a free demo of Guitar Pro by clicking HERE.

Interested in some free Ultimate Guitar Tabs that we arrange? We have it available in three versions from beginner, intermediate to advanced.

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