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Guitar String Cleaners

Guitar String Cleaners | Reviews of Big Bend Wipes, Dr. Strings Stringlife, Dunlop Ultraglide and Tonegear String Cleaner.

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Guitar String Cleaners

There is often some confusion as to what is a string cleaner and what is a string lubricant.

Many of both products claim to do both and I have to admit, they some extent.

You can take a lubricant and scrub the string clean of any debris and corrosion since you are using a liquid that is either alcohol based or petroleum based.

If you wish to utilize just one guitar string cleaner product - say just a lubricant you will of course experience an enhanced string life.

When you couple the use of a guitar string cleaner with a lubricant, you will experience even more benefit. Read on for the reasons.....

Big Bends Guitar String Wipes: Double bagged 3" square cotton pads are saturated with an alcohol based sanitizing cleaner that leaves no residue.

They have a clean fresh scent and come in a recyclable clamshell package. 25 cleaning wipes per pack.

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Guitar String Cleaners - Big Bends Guitar String Wipes:

Big Bends Guitar String Wipes: This is a great product, in that it saves your cloth and you get disposable wipes that keep your strings squeaky clean (no pun intended).

The bad thing? You are contributing to landfill waste vs using a string conditioner with a re-usable cloth.

Each wipe is bagged by itself and is a 3" square piece of cotton pad that is saturated with alcohol. You can use the wipes to clean your fingers from time to time too, if you don't have easy access to a lavatory.

I keep a bag of these in my case when I travel, so I have the convenience of alcohol cleaning, without the mess of carrying a bottom of rubbing alcohol with me.

Double bagged 3" square cotton pads are saturated with an alcohol based sanitizing cleaner that leaves no residue. Regular cleaning improves your instrument's tone and increases string life.

You can also use Guitar String Wipes to clean your fingers before playing. They have a clean fresh scent and come in a recyclable clamshell package. 25 cleaning wipes per pack.

DR Strings Stringlife: Do your hands destroy your set of guitar strings? Has playing for hours wrecked your strings?

Well the string care solution to your problems is here. StringLife is an advanced state liquid polymer which molecularly bonds to strings and forms a barrier between your strings and the elements (like acid, dirt, and grime) that steal their life.

StringLife is easy to use with a built-in applicator, and one bottle provides over a hundred treatments. Guitar string care is now easy and affordable.

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Guitar String Cleaners - DR Strings Stringlife:

This is a great string cleaning product. It is not a lubricant and don't use it as one. Stringlife is a polymer product that performs a molecular bond to your strings, which forms a barrier between your strings and the elements that destroy them such as hand acids, dirt and grime.

The product has a handy hand applicator built-in and will provide you with about 100 easy to use applications. That is about $0.12 per application.

Not bad considering what strings cost. I use this product in conjunction with either GHS Fast Fret or FingerEase (I use both with equal satisfaction).

Dunlop Ultraglide 65 Guitar String Cleaner & Conditioner: Shields strings against tarnish and corrosion, extending their playing life.

Delivers a silky smooth conditioning to string surfaces, eliminating finger squeaks. 2 oz. with applicator top.

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Guitar String Cleaners - Dunlop Ultraglide 65 String Cleaner & Conditioner:

Ultraglide is again basically a string cleaner and maintenance product.

While it does provide some advantages of smoother playing strings, this is due mainly to the fact that you have cleaned dirt, rust and grime from your strings.

Do not expect this product to give you string performance as the products like FingerEase or Fast-Fret.

Also note that this product should not be used on new strings, but only on strings that have some age on them. This product will provide a protective coating on your strings and give you added life.

Some guitarists claim that this product can kill the sound of new strings. I agree, if you use it on new strings, which I would not recommend.

I would use this product to bring back the life of severely dirty corroded strings as that is where it really excels. So keep a bottle for maintenance problems for your strings and not for regular usage..

The String Cleaner by ToneGear: The String Cleaner by Tone Gear extends the life and preserves the tone of guitar strings.

It removes harmful substances like sweat and oils, and keeps strings strong.

The revolutionary design allows for 360 degrees of cleaning power. It features specially designed string cleaning microfiber pads, which are cleanable, so this and is not a disposable item.

It can simply and quickly be cleaned with running water and a drop of liquid soap.

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Guitar String Cleaners - ToneGear String Cleaner:

This is a pretty cool little gadget - and that is just what it is.

If you don't want to mess with the microfiber cloth cleaning procedure I outline in the string maintenance section, you can use this little tool to obtain 360 degree string cleaning function of your guitar strings.

You can use it on virtually any guitar from electric to acoustic to classical with equally great results.

It utilizes 2 microfiber pads on the top and bottom of the tool. The pads are removable and washable and very long-lasting so you can use it for several cleaning operations and simply wash the pads and you are all set for another cleaning session.

They claim that you don't need to use a cleaner with to tool, but I will have to say that adding one sure does make the cleanup easier and last longer.

Great product if you don't want to deal with a cleaner and cloth.