Guitar Storage: Find Out How to Safely Store Your Guitar

Guitar Storage

Going Away For Just A Little While Or A Long Time - Follow These Tips

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Guitar Storage Tips are not all that different from Guitar Travel, but I felt there were enough different points on which to focus that it merits a special article.

Get a Good Quality Guitar Case

As in the Guitar Travel section, in Guitar Storage, be sure to obtain a great case to store your guitar. Be sure to purchase a case that seals very tightly, has secure locks and the exterior of the case will take a beating.

Make sure the guitar fits really snuggly into the case and does not move around when seated in the case. Also make sure the case depth is is proper and not TOO tight as this may cause stress on the fragile guitar body.

Make sure you have a good storage compartment inside the case to place a good quality guitar humidifier.


SKB Guitar Case

SKB Deluxe Electric Guitar Case

One of the best cases I've found is a case from SKB, which is sturdy fiberglass on the outside and the semi rigid foam inside. Good latches and large storage compartment. Here are the features:

  • New fiberglass reinforced nylon trigger release latching system.
  • TSA recognized and accepted locks
  • Bumper protected valance
  • Indestructible cushioned rubber over-molded handle
  • Full length neck support
  • Rigid EPS foam interiors to keep guitar from slipping
  • Injection molded feet
  • Accessories compartment
  • Slacken Your Strings

    Another Guitar Storage Tip is to loosen or "Slacken" your strings a few complete revolutions on each tuner. If you plan on a long term storage, I would take the strings completely off the guitar.

    Oasis OH-6

    SKB Deluxe Universal Dreadnought Guitar Case

    Humidify, Humidify, Humidify

    Determine what time of the year you will store a guitar, where it will be stored and for how long. If it will be in a conditioned space with normal heating and air-conditioning, you only have to be concerned with lack of humidity - which is a big concern.

    Locate a humidification system near or in the space where the guitar will be stored, if possible. If this system is to be unattended, be sure you have a reliable auto-fill system. If the space where the guitar is to be stored, make sure you have a whole-house humidifier on the return-air ductwork side of your forced air furnaces.

    If this is a short-term Guitar Storage, get a good quality case humidification system. I use the OH-6 System by Oasis in all of my guitar cases (and I have a lot of them). The humidifier mounts inside your storage compartment with magnets that fasten to the included stainless steel clip. You should be armed with one of these anyway.

    This system will assure you of a totally humidified guitar for the duration of the Guitar Storage. As a bonus you can use the case humidifier to protect your instrument during those long, cold, dry winter days.

    Guitar Care

    Guitar Care Kits Give You All The Supplies For Guitar Storage

    Make Sure You Do The Prep Work

    An Initial Step For Guitar Storage is to prep your guitar for the long stay.

  • After string removal, get a small vacuum and clean all the dust and dirt form the guitar interior.
  • Get a good quality metal polish and clean all the fingerprints, oils and grime from all the metal parts.
  • Give the guitar finish a good cleaning to remove all traces of sweat, oils and dirt. Give the guitar a good coat or two of quality guitar polish, as recommended in my Guitar Care guide.
  • Fretboard

    Give the Fretboard Some Good Maintenance

  • Another good thing to do prior to Guitar Storage is after the strings are off clean all the dirt and built up grime off the fingerboard. The easiest way to quickly dispose of this dirt is to take #000 steel wool and run it up and down the fretboard. You can run it right over the frets too as it will polish them and condition the soft frets.
  • If you find you have some sharp edges on your frets, go ahead a take some 400 wet/dry sandpaper and smoothen them out before running the steel wool over the fretboard.
  • Next take the fretboard conditioner that came with the guitar care kit and give the fretboard a couple of liberal coats.
  • If the guitar is to be stored where you think there is any chance of direct sunlight, be sure to pack the case in a cardboard shipping carton and even consider wrapping the container with the silver bubblewrap material.