Guitar Repair: Fret repair, guitar neck repair

Guitar Repair - Minor Repairs

Learn how to keep your guitar in tip-top playing shape with these easy to follow articles on minor repair covering fret repair, guitar neck and much more.

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Repairing Guitars covers a very wide arena of items that can go wrong with our fragile acoustic guitars. I will address electric guitar problems at a different time so tune in for that later.

Get Humidity Under Control

Prevention of guitar ailment is what we should always practice with our fragile instruments to prevent our guitars from going to the repair shop in the first place. So Guitar Humidity Control is probably the first subject we should talk about. At least half, if not more of our guitar ailments are a result of too much or too little humidity.

Learn How To Change Strings

Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to change strings. learn how to change strings like a professional in Change Acoustic Guitar Strings and Change Classical Guitar Strings. These two types of guitars have distinctly different methods in changing strings. We will cover the fasted methods and methods that will reduce problems associated with changing strings.

Guitar Intonation is a subject that needs to be addressed very seriously. If your guitar setup is wrong and the intonation is off, you won't be able to tune your guitar to save your neck. This article will teach you to diagnose and solve intonation problems.

A very important part of having a great playing guitar is to have your Guitar Neck Relief setup properly. This article will give you insight as to how to measure and adjust your neck relief on your own.

If you have a bowed neck you need to Adjust Your Guitar Truss Rod. This tutorial will guide you in solving issues of your guitar neck , improving string action and get your guitar back in great playing condition.

Tune up Your Nut and Saddle

Now for some Guitar Neck Repair Articles. We have just published an extensive article on Guitar Action, which we are sure you will want to read. This article is coupled very closely with the articles listed below and they are all part of a series on our Guitar Bridges.

The two most common elements that affect your playing action are the nut and saddle configuration. We will address these two items in Guitar Nut Adjustment, Guitar Saddle Adjustment and as is so often the case, adjusting your saddle will uncover problems with your guitar bridge.

So visit our articles on Guitar Saddle Problems, Guitar Bridge Repair Part One and Guitar Bridge Repair Part Two.

Acoustic Guitar Repair - Repairing A Loose End Pin

Sick of having that loose end pin coming out all the time? Learn how to repair it and repair it terminate in this simple Guitar Repair Tutorial Fixing a Loose End Pin.

Do you have some buzzing on your guitar and can't find a remedy? Read our comprehensive article to Fix Guitar Buzzing for the answers.

Strap Button

Installing a Strap Button Right is Critical

Installing Strap Buttons

Adding a guitar strap button or two may seem like a very simple taskin acoustic guitar repairs. Well it is - if done properly. If not you can cause cracks to form in your guitar, cause structural problems and much more. Be sure to read my Guitar Repair article on adding Guitar Strap Buttons for everything that you need to know.

Guitar Pickguard

Learn How to Replace Your Guitar Pickguard

Replace That Loose Pickguard

If you have a damaged or curled pick guard you will need to change it. Also some older instruments suffer from cracked top as a result of he pick guard shrinking. Don't let your guitar get to this stage. Replace that damaged pick guard by reading my Guitar Repair Tip on Guitar Pick guard Replacement for a step by step guide to change out your pick guard.

As time goes on I will add addition articles on Guitar Repair. Also look for my eBook on Guitar Repair Made Simple coming out in a few months. It will include expanded articles you see here plus many more Guitar Repair issues made easy