Major Guitar Repair: Major repair, guitar neck repair, guitar setup, fret repair, acoustic guitar repair.

Guitar Repair - Major Repairs

Major Repair articles including, guitar neck repair, guitar setup, fret repair, guitar nut and saddle problems and many other acoustic guitar repair articles to save you repair costs.

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Guitar Repair

Repair of major items may have been off your radar if you think you were not up to the tack of tackling some of these difficult problems. We will go through the step-by-step process of may major repair projects and you may want to jump in and attempt one or two of these yourself.

If you have an old or "beater" guitar, you may want to experiment on that before you start taking apart your vintage Martin or Gibson. Keep in mind that inexpensive guitars are not constructed in a similar manner to quality factory, handmade or vintage guitars, but they will give you ideas for about 75% of what to expect in your actual repair job.

If you are more interested in tips like adjusting your truss rod, checking for neck relief, adjusting your nut or saddle and much more, check out the articles in our Minor Guitar Repair section

Nut & Saddle Replacement

We will begin our adventure into Major Repairs with both Nut Replacement and Saddle Replacement. These operations are quite elementary, but as you will see you have to master accuracy and master the use of certain tools to perform these operations.

Fret Replacement

Another subject to cover in Major Guitar Repair is Assessing and Analysis of Fret Replacement. We will also teach which tool you should have on hand and we will show you how to make some of these tools also in the Fretwork Tools Section. Don't know if you just need to do a fret leveling procedure? Check out more on Fret Leveling. And, if you are just going to replace just a few frets, read the pages on Fretwork: Replace a Few.

Also, if you have more than just a few frets to remove or repair, you may be faced with a total refretting job. Frets are designed to be softer than the strings and therefore wear out quite quickly. We will show you how to remove all frets, flatten the fingerboard and install new frets and get everything true and level, as when your guitar was brand new! This is all explained in Fretwork: Complete Fret Job.

Top Crack

Top, Back & Side Cracks Need To Be Addressed

Guitar Crack Repair

Guitar Cracks can be one of the most upsetting aspects of owning a guitar. Cracks usually form after the guitar has dried out too much from lack of humidity or the guitar was bumped or dropped, causing a small crack to form This is one Guitar Repair that should be addressed sooner than later as crack just get worse.

Replace or Re-Glue Bridge

If your guitar bridge has developed a split across the bridge pin holes, it is in need of replacement. If the bridge has lifted anywhere around the perimeter of the bridge, the bridge needs to be completely removed, cleaned and re-glued.

We will take you through these operations of repair in the Tutorial Repair or Replace a Bridge. Have additional bridge repair issues? Look at Guitar Bridge Repair Part1 and Guitar Bridge Repair Part 2 for all the answers.

Check Neck Angle and Resetting of Neck

Just about every acoustic guitar will need its' neck reset after a number of years of dried-out glue and constant string tension on the neck.

Learn this Guitar Repair tip of diagnosing neck angle problems and removal and resetting the neck in the articles Checking Neck Angle and Reset An Acoustic Guitar Neck.

Loose Brace Guitar Repair

Maybe you have a buzzing that you can't find and it sounds like it is coming from inside the guitar? It may be a damaged or loose top or back brace that is the culprit. 

Another symptom of bracing problems is a warped top or back if a brace has let loose. Find out how to trouble-shoot all of your brace problems and come up with a quick fix for these nasty little conditions.

Installing an Acoustic Pickup

Interested in installing one of the out-of-sight acoustic pickups, such as the Fishman Matrix? Learn how to do it in this tutorial Installing Acoustic Pickups.

Guitar Refinishing Operations

Finally, after you make the repairs to your guitar you may have to refinish the neck, top or other portion that has been damaged as a result of a pulled bridge or lifted fingerboard or crack repairs.

Learn how to refinish part or all of your guitar in the Repair Guitar Tip, Refinish Your Guitar. Just be armed with the proper tools and material and you can complete this operation just like a professional repairman.

So, are you up to a few of these Guitar Repair tasks? Just attack it with a bit of confidence, go slow and deliberately and check back here often for additional advise.