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Guitar Licks

Guitar Licks | In this free guitar lesson, we will give you guitar instruction, great guitar tab of our favorite guitar licks all beautifully tabbed out in Guitar Pro.

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Guitar Licks:

Now the fun begins. Guitar Licks are between the intermediate to advanced guitar player level, depending on how fast you play them.

Play between 120 to 160 beats per minute and they are intermediate. Play 180 to 220 beats per minute and they are advanced. These are still some basic Guitar Licks and can easily be played between chord transitions and at the end middle or beginning of a guitar break.

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We recommend you open the PDF files with Adobe Reader v6 or above to take advantage of the layer switching abilities. You can easily switch off the Tab Notes and have a clean score to work with.

Possible Guitar Lick Commonalities:
    They are 2 measure long (there will be variations to this however)
    They roughly follow the chord form they copy with the chord at the end of the phrase.
    Some typical licks start with a quarter note, followed by (6) eighth notes, then a final quarter note and end with a dotted half note.
    The beats work out as follows then: 1 + 1/ 2+ 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1 + 3 = 8 beats which is (2) four beat measures. Others vary from this quite a bit.
Free Guitar Tabs

Bluegrass guitar breaks are usually 16 measures long (there are variations of course), but most of them are fiddle tunes and these are 16 measures.

So you can fit these breaks into the ends, beginning and middle of these breaks, or you can play them as chord transitions for rhythm playing.

Be sure to play the accompanying mp3 sound file as this gives you and idea of how the break sounds.

Memorize Each Guitar Lick

Here at Ultimate Guitar OnLine, we would suggest memorizing the Guitar Licks, get to play them smoothly and flawlessly at about 120 to 150 beats/minute. Then gradually build speed until you can ultimately play the Guitar Lick at 220 bpm.

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If you are interested in not only our Hot Guitar Licks, you may want to check out the new Ultimate Guitar Tab Book, now on sale at our shopping cart. It's only $15.99 for 12 very detailed tab songs. Read more about it on our Ultimate Guitar Tab Book page.

We have created all of the notation, tabs and midi for you to use in Guitar Pro from eMedia, which a guitar specific music authoring software program for both Mac and PC.

Here at Ultimate Guitar OnLine, we love this software. It is high-quality, inexpensive ($59.95) and produces high quality sounding music and great printed score music.

One of our favorite features is the ability to play the music live in a midi file while creating it. That way you can always keep the note timing in check and right on. It also allows you to add chords very easily, including diagrams with one click and play them and alter them as well.

Also special characters are very easy to add as well as multiple tracks, editing abilities and usability. It is an essential tool for the aspiring guitarist, whether a beginner or a pro and will open up a lot of possibilities in your guitar playing, even if you are a closet guitarist or a professional.

Stay tuned for additional runs and guitar licks that will be offered here on this page. We have started with only a few to scratch the surface, but we will add dozens more as we develop the site.

Just memorize each one and put it in your stack of goodies to pull out when you need a good ending, kickoff or chord transition.

We will also be offering some Bluegrass fiddle tunes for the guitar - many for free. These will include versions for beginners, intermediates and some advanced playing too.

Visit Our Ultimate Guitar Tabs Page

We will cover such classics as:

Blackberry Blossom
Bill Cheatham
Red Haired Boy
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Fisher's Hornpipe
Temperance Reel
Soldiers Joy
And many more....

We will also offer more complete versions with tab, notation, and even the Guitar Pro file so you can start with our version and as you progress you can make your own changes to suit your playing style and arrangements. Also we are planning on adding high-quality video of the more difficult songs so visit often and check them out in the video section of the website.

Guitar lick
Guitar lick
Guitar lick
Guitar lick
Guitar lick
Guitar lick