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Guitar Humidifier Reviews

Make those expensive guitar repair bills go away and invest in a good guitar humidifier system to be able to monitor and control your guitar humidity.

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Guitar Humidifier Reviews:

If the humidity is too low in the areas you commonly store or set your guitar, it can have devastating consequences and cause you hundreds of dollars worth of damage to you fragile wood instrument.

For more information on how humidity effects your guitar and the measures you can take to rectify the surrounding environment, go to our article on Guitar Humidity Control.

Below, you will find from my personal experiences what is the best of the best and why.

Dampit Guitar Humidifier

Dampit Humidifier: This is the very first guitar humidifier that I purchased for my guitars. They are extremely simple and very effective. I don't bother with the provided plastic "hole cover" - I just place the humidifier inside the guitar while it's in it's case - that way it humidifies the whole instrument.

Before you use this humidifier, you need to know that you need to wring or shake the excess water from the humidifier or risk staining the unfinished parts of the guitar interior. This is clearly stated in the directions that accompany the unit.

Although there are many more expensive and elaborate guitar humidifier systems on the market, if you are looking for a simple, no hassles and inexpensive way to eliminate humidity related guitar repairs, pick up a few of these great little humidifiers.

Dislikes: The humidity measurement is very much to be desired with this unit. It is unreliable and can give you a false sense of security. I would recommend the purchase of a good 'in-case' hydrometer such as the Oasis OS-2. Get it now for the discounted price of only $27.95

My rating of this product as a complete solution for guitar humidifier systems is 7 our of 10 stars.

Dampit Guitar Humidifier. Get it now for the discounted price of just $14.22

Guitar Humidifier - Planet Waves

Planet Waves Humidifier: All you do to fill this compact guitar humidifier is to fill-up the included plastic syringe and drip it into the sponge material. Be careful that you don't overfill the sponge or reservoir or it will drip. If you don't over-fill, it will not drip, and you can simply place it in your case instead of the usual sponge.

It takes some time to fill the sponge with water from the syringe a few drops at a time. Also the fact that it is in between the strings makes the strings go out of tune a bit because its bending them.

The sponge also becomes discolored. The good thing is that the humidity will reach all parts of the guitar since it is cot enclosed in the body like other humidifiers.

Dislikes: It takes quite a bit of time to load the sponge with water a few drips at a time. Also cramming this humidifier between the strings is a bit inconvenient and can even throw off the guitar tuning just a bit. No humidification checking is provided and you should invest in a good in-case hydrometer so you can closely monitor the humidity.

I would recommend the purchase of a good 'in-case' hydrometer such as the Oasis OS-2. Get it now for the discounted price of only $27.95

My rating of this product is 6 out of 10 stars as a complete guitar humidity system.

Planet Waves Humidifier. Get it now for the discounted price of just $6.95

Herco Guitar Humidifier

Herco Humidifier: I first started using these handy little guitar humidifiers for my prize violin and mandolin instruments. This is a compact humidifier and you can place it nearly anywhere in your case - and that is where you should keep it. It consists of a plastic container that is filled with water absorbent clay.

Because of the small size, it worked great for my smaller instruments and if you wish to use them in a pinch for an acoustic or classical guitar, I would recommend two of them in each case.

This comes without directions so it might be useful to know that the correct way to use this is to drop it in a cup of water for at least five minutes. Take it out, wipe it off, and pop it in your case! Repeat every few days. It won't ever leak and it will keep your instrument humidified.

Dislikes: There is not a humidity monitoring system and you should purchase a good hydrometer such as the Oasis OH-2

My rating of this product is 6 out of 10 stars as the total guitar humidifier solution.

Herco Humidifier. Get it now for the discounted price of just $7.77

Oasis OH-6 Case Humidifier with OH-2 Digital Hygrometer

Oasis' OH-6 Guitar Humidifier keeps your guitar, or any other wooden stringed instrument, in excellent condition with the optimal level of humidity.

As it is important to keep the humidity level of your guitar at 30% to 40%, it is extremely important that you not only have a guitar humidifier that will easily deliver this uniformly to the instrument, but one where you can easily monitor the changes in your guitar humidity.

The Oasis OH-6 system probably does that better than any other system on the market today. The guitar humidifier with enclosed clip allows various placements within the guitar case.

Couple that with the excellent OH-2 Hydrometer and you have a one-two punch that is tough to beat. I absolutely love this system and haven't had a problem with it, or any of my very valuable instruments since using it.

Dislikes: None.

My rating. As this is my favorite guitar humidifier system that delivers an easily, accurate and total guitar humidity solution, I give it 10 out of 10 stars.

Oasis OH-6 Guitar Humidification System. Get it now for a discounted price of only $44.95

Oasis OH-2 Hydrometer

Even if you elect to buy some of the more cost effective guitar humidifiers, be sure that you don't compromise accurate humidity readings.

The Oasis OH-2 is the best and it is only $27.95