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Guitar Building Supplies

Guitar Building Supplies | Purchase Guitar Plans, an eBook on Construction and how to make a guitar and Material Resources

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Guitar Building Supplies. Some of the essential tools and information required are the same as for building a quality building. Get yourself a good set of plans and arm yourself with all the tools you can afford.

Guitar Plans

 You are in the right section here as we will cover purchasing Guitar Plans and getting the right one for you. Select from a number of plans we have to offer and we will be adding additional plans over time - so check back. Check out our Guitar Building Plans for the most detailed plans you will ever see!

Guitar Construction Books

An essential part of Guitar Building Supplies is building up your library of Guitar Construction books and catalogs. We have make the process simple for you by choosing and reviewing the best and you can forget about wasting you money of the others. Good books will give you additional viewpoints on construction techniques, materials, templates, jigs and so one. Start your library early and get well-read on the Guitar Construction subject.

We will investigate Guitar Construction books for Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitar versions.

Guitar Tonewood - Backs & Sides

Guitar building supplies such a s tonewood is quite costly on the surface, but when you consider the amount of time spent on a project like this, the cost is rather minimal. With your first guitar, you may want to consider less expensive tonewoods, just in case you mess up. We will try not to let that happen though.

Starting with an easy to work with wood material for the back and sides rather than rock-hard exotic woods may be a better decision and not get you discouraged quite as quickly. I will admit though that I built my first guitar from East Indian Rosewood and that is still my favorite guitar to this day.

Guitar Tuners

Guitar Building Accessories

Top Tonewood Materials

Top Tonewood is probably the most critical decision you can make in purchasing materials for your project. We will discuss the nuances in tone and performance between the different species of woods and what is the best application for each.


Fret Wire

Guitar Building Supplies - Accessories

Guitar Construction Accessories is a section that covers everything from guitar tuning machines, nuts, saddles, bridges, bindings and everything in between. Some of these materials you can buy in bulk for a lot less money, that is if you plan on eventually using them.

Behlen Instrument Lacquer

Guitar Building Supplies - Behlen Instrument Lacquer

Guitar Building Supplies - Guitar Finishing Materials

The art of guitar finishing an be one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks in Guitar Construction.

Whether is is wood filler, shellac conditioner, dyes, lacquers or varnish materials, we will give you links to the best guitar building supplies.



We will also cover buffing machines, compounds and other tricks to get that mirror finish on your guitar.

So accumulate your guitar building supplies, roll up your sleeves and get studying.