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Guitar Building Basics - Book Review

Looking for a great starter book to get your feet wet in guitar construction? Give this publication consideration.

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Guitar Building Basics - Publication Review:

This great publication by author Beau Allen Pacheco with Timothy Remus, was written for the intended purpose of being the first guitar building book that an aspiring luthier would purchase.

It is a beginners guitar building guide and is intended to get your feet wet in the process. If you are wondering what would be the best way to get involved in guitar building, this publication will certainly be for you.

You will become very familiar with all the aspects of guitar construction without the steep learning curve of dealing with the most difficult operations such as side bending, major assembly, wood selection and more.

Yet, I would say that you will perform about 80% of the remainder of operations that are necessary in becoming a qualified luthier. What is the reason for this?

Guitar Building Basics - Guitar Making Kits are the Main Focus of This Publication:

This book deals with guitar kits that are available, of varying levels of difficulty. So there is enough information provided to keep your interest, while learning a tremendous amount about the trade.

After reading this book, I was really impressed in that it is an incredible primer into the world of guitar building.

The publication is a delight to read and is one of the most profusely illustrated books that I have encountered on the subject.

There are well over 500 excellent photos, leaving you with a great guide through the entire instrument-building process.

Guitar Building Basics - The Renaissance Guitar:

The first chapter deals with a very simple kit-built guitar, which is called the Renaissance Guitar from Musicmaker Kits.

All of the steps in assembly are very detailed and illustrated, which will direct even the most elementary woodworker or hobbyist through the necessary steps without any problem.

There are even articles devoted to neck set-up and purfling routing, installation and plate setup and whole lot more.

Guitar Building Basics - USA Guitar Kits:

The next kit that is tackled by the publication is the Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar that is a very high quality kit produced by USA Guitars.

"These kits are about the middle of the pack in degree of difficulty and quality" the author states, and I would agree.

While still not having to bother with side bending, major assembly, or wood selection, this kit definitely steps it up a few notches.

All the parts are supplied including all required wood, slotted fretboard, frets, tuning machines, bridge, roughed-out neck and even a hard-shell case.

After finishing the kit from USA Guitars, you will have a very respectable, solid wood dreadnought guitar, made from solid Mahogany and Sitka Spruce.

You also should be ready to tackle or get fully immersed in the guitar making endeavors of guitar side bending, wood selection and full assembly.

All you need to do is select a great Ultimate Guitar Building Plan and off you go!

Guitar Building Basics - The StewMac Kit:

One additional kit is explored and that is one of the Dreadnought Guitars from StewMac.

These are traditional known as one of the best kits on the market and the owner expresses that in the Stewmac chapter - They are also quite expensive.

Not only does StewMac encourage the building of tools and jigs, they give you very good quality materials and every little piece is supplied that you could possibly need for your guitar.

Again the sides are bent or pre-bent and some other crucial operations are already complete for you. So the difficulty factor is about one more notch above that of the USA guitar.

Guitar Building Basics - Additional Information:

The balance of the publication is filled with a lot of well-written chapters ranging from guitar finishing, wood selection, luthier's perspectives, guitar humidity and much more.

All in all, this is a very well written book on guitar kit construction and other guitar building operation and really deserves a place in any luthier's library.

Guitar Building Basics - Where to Purchase the Book:

The book can easily be purchased through Amazon just click this link: Guitar Building Basics.