Guitar Basics: Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, Change guitar strings, Guitar strings

Guitar Basics

Guitar Basics | Whether it's how to change guitar strings on a classical guitar or acoustic guitar, guitar maintenance or which guitar strings to buy, you can get the information here.

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Guitar Basics:

Guitar Basics is just what the name implies, getting right down to the basics of knowing your guitar and how to invest in guitar ownership. Sometimes guitar players are too modest to ask some of these questions, or someone gave them a bit of misinformation.

Get Down to the Basics

Ultimate Guitar OnLine is here to set you on the correct path and answer your many questions. After all, if you don't have he basics down it is much harder to achieve your goals and aspirations.

The most basic of guitar basics is once you own your guitar, how do you care for it? Treat it right and your guitar will give you many years of faithful service. Check out the Guitar Care page for all must do maintenance for your guitar. Also check out this Guitar Care Kit.

Learn How to Tune a Guitar

Another guitar basic is Tuning A Guitar. Many of us take that for granted, but there is nothing worse than playing "out of tune" and identifies you as a "rookie". We will show you several must do methods to get that guitar tuned up.

Find Out How To Travel and Store Your Guitar

Many times this is downplayed with our instruments, but if not done correctly, your guitar can sustain a great deal of damage with improper storage or travel preparation. Read the articles on Guitar Storage and Guitar Travel to learn these easy to implement tips.

Adjust Your String Action For Better Playability

Did you ever play what you thought was a great guitar by looking at it hanging on the wall and then "Yuck" this thing plays terrible? All it may take is some simple adjustment in string action heights to make this a great-playing jewel. Find out at the Guitar Action page.

Along with this make sure you have the best Guitar Strings and are well versed in Changing Guitar Strings

One of the most basic of items is learning how to Strum a Guitar. Now this is bordering on beginning lesson material, but I thought it would be important enough to cover it here too.

Learn Flatpick & Fingerstyle Guitar

I struggled for a long time with how to properly play guitar Fingerstyle and proper Flatpick Guitar etiquette. W have a section on Classical Guitar Lessons that we will be adding content to all the time.

We will teach you the guitar basics you send you down the correct path to either or both of these fine guitar methods. Check out our section on Acoustic Guitar Lessons for lots on flatpickin' lesson information. We will cover such topics as Guitar Crosspicking Techniques, Hot Guitar Licks, Left Hand Techniques and Right Hand Techniques.

I'm sure there will be other things that come up over time. I will try to cover these as time goes on. Check back often for additional information as this website grows!

So check out what type of guitar you want and we will help you on your venture to care for it, repair it and accessorize it. So buy a guitar!