Guitar Accessories: Tuners, Music Stands, Guitar Stands Capos and More.

Guitar Accessories

Reviews on Everything From Guitar Stands, Capos, Picks, Tuners , Cases and Lots More - All Reviewed

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Guitar Accessories are an essential part of our musical vocations. Having the right accessories can protect our instruments, care for them and give up that edge in playing ability.

Get a Sturdy Guitar & Music Stand

Great Ultimate Guitar Accessories include a good sturdy Guitar Stand. How often have you worried about your guitar falling over where there is a young child around your guitar? I have had this happen and by choosing a bit more wisely I could have saved a great deal of expense in guitar repairs.

Music Stand

Purchase A Sturdy Music Stand

Music Stands are very important Guitar Accessories as well as a flimsy one can be bumped and fall against your guitar. On an unstable stand can fall over on stage and your gig music is flying all over the audience. Learn which are the best and forget the rest.

G7th Capo

G7th Guitar Capo

Guitar Capos are great guitar accessories to have as well. Choosing wisely can get you a capo that moves effortlessly and keeps you in tune. Read our review of Guitar Capos to find out which models you should consider and why.

Guitar Picks

Guitar Picks

Pick a Bunch of Picks

Did you know that Guitar Picks can focus the way your guitar sounds? Using a thin pick will give you a thin treble sound and a heavy pick will give you a thick mellow sound. Want to find you pick on a dark stage? Buy one that glows. Thumb picks are sometimes hard to choose as well because the fit is critical. Choose you picks wisely.

Another group of Guitar Accessories are Guitar Straps. Get the most comfortable, long lasting and latest straps and the reviews are here. Don't have strap buttons installed on your guitar? Read my article on Installing Strap Buttons for great how to's on this subject.

Electronic Tuners - So Cool!

Choosing the right Electronic Tuner can save you lots of time. You can also choose from multi-function units that can save precious space in your case. Learn which ones are easy to operate and which ones have the best longevity.


Metronome for Guitars

Metronomes are a necessary practice tool and can give you that needed edge when playing difficult passages. Find out which ones you should choose for your own studio. Also learn about combo units that combine tuning and if this is right for you.

Guitar Care Kit

Take Care of Your Guitar and it Will Reward You With Many Years of Service

Guitar Care Products

Guitar Care is often and sadly one of the most overlooked Guitar Accessories. We should all be vigilant to keep our guitars in perfect shape. If you buy a quality guitar, it will likely become more valuable the more it ages. (how many things you buy can make that claim?). Therefore it is essential that you keep you guitar in great shape. Review our Guitar Care accessories.

Have a great sounding acoustic guitar and are you interested in amplifying the sound? We will review the different options in converting your fine acoustic to a Acoustic Electric Guitar. There are some great options out there and many are almost invisible and minimally change your guitar's great sound and intonation. Also see my Guitar Repair section on installing Acoustic Pickups.

Hardshell Guitar Case

Purchase of a Quality Guitar Case is Critical

The Case For Cases

Other Ultimate Guitar Accessories include cases. Whether hard shell, fiberglass, soft side or gig bags, we will pick the best and steer you away from bad choices. Consider the case as your guitar's residence and remember to put a quality guitar in the "high rent district" to preserve its value!

Find about Guitar Humidity Control in by Guitar Repair article and find out the causes and answers to solving this incredibly important subject. Find out the best in-case, room and whole house units you should consider and why.

So stock up on your Guitar Accessories, pick the right ones and get on the road to a getting your instruments in tip-top shape.