Acoustical Guitar Review: Gibson J45 True Vintage Acoustic Guitar

Gibson J45 True Vintage Acoustic - Review

Review, specifications and similar instruments available for this quality acoustic guitar.

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Model: Gibson J45 True Vintage Acoustic Guitar

No. Strings: 6
Body Type: Dreadnought (Round Shoulders)
Top Material: Premium Red Adirondack Spruce Top - Radiused for additional strength.
Back & Sides: Genuine Mahogany - Solid
Neck Material: Mahogany 14 Frets To Body
Neck Shape: V-shape Profile
Tapered Dovetail Neck Joint
Fretboard: Madagascar Rosewood - Solid
Scale Length: 24.75"
Total #Frets: 20
Nut Width: 1.725" Finish: Body Gloss, Neck Satin
Bridge: Madagascar Rosewood - Solid
Bracing: "X" Standard - Hand - Scalloped. Braces glued with hide glue, similar to vintage guitar construction.
Nut & Saddle: Bone
Tuners: Gotoh Nickel Plated With White Buttons
Electronics: Optional

List Price: $2,999.00 (incl. Case)
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Yamaha FG730S Gibson J45 True Vintage Red Spruce Acoustic Guitar

The Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar is the prince of a range of Gibson flat-tops now referred to as "Round-Shoulder Dreadnoughts." This elegant workhorse debuted in 1942, and became an instant favorite for its rich, warm, vocal tone and excellent projection.

Today, the J-45 acoustic is played by the likes of Bob Dylan, Ralph McTell, Billy Jo Armstrong, and Lucinda Williams. Carrying accurate touches such as a soft-V neck profile, teardrop tortoise pickguard, four-ply top binding, and banner headstock inlay (declaring "Only A Gibson Is Good Enough"), the J-45 True Vintage is an accurate representation of the instrument that became the standard of hard-gigging bluegrass, folk, and country artists of the 1940s and '50s.

Each Limited Edition True Vintage J-45 is built in Bozeman, Montana with a top made from solid Adirondack Red Spruce, a rare and highly prized tone wood, and constructed with hot hide glue, just like back in the day.

Gibson J-45 True Vintage Red Spruce Acoustic Guitar $2,999.00

Gibson J-45 True Vintage Red Spruce Acoustic Guitar Features:
    Nitrocellulose lacquer finish for beauty and tone
    Hand-fit, tapered dovetail joint to maximize sound vibration transfer from the neck to body
    Rosewood fretboard
    Vintage Style Rosewood bridge with Bone Saddle
    Radius top to maximize sound projection
    Hand-scalloped top bracing for added strength and a light top
    Handcrafted in Bozeman, MT
Gibson J-45 Rosewood Modern Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Gibson J-45 Rosewood Modern Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitar: The Gibson J-45 Rosewood Modern Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitar has even tone across the strings and excellent sustain.
Gibson J-45 Standard Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Gibson J-45 Standard Acoustic-Electric Guitar: Nicknamed "The Workhorse" and first introduced in 1942, Gibson's most popular round-shoulder dreadnought is world-renowned for its full, balanced expression, warm bass, and excellent projection.
Gibson 1942 J-45 Legend Acoustic Guitar
Gibson 1942 J-45 Legend Acoustic Guitar: Hand crafted by Gibson luthiers using techniques from the J-45 guitar's heyday, the Legend J-45 boasts an Adirondack spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides to produce unmatched mellow, full-bodied tone.
Gibson J-45 Custom Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Gibson J-45 Custom Acoustic-Electric Guitar: The legendary J-45 guitar clearly defines the storied legacy of Gibson acoustics. Without question, the J-45 is an icon of Gibson's round-shoulder dreadnought acoustic line ever since its introduction in 1942.
Gibson J-45 True Vintage Special Edition Acoustic Guitar
Gibson J-45 True Vintage Special Edition Acoustic Guitar: The J-45 True Vintage Special Edition boasts a historic aged look and popular vintage features like Adirondack (red) spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a Madagascar rosewood fingerboard and bridge.
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Gibson J45 Front
Gibson J45 Back
Gibson J45 Side
Gibson J45 Head

Features: 8.0

The Gibson J45 True Vintage acoustic guitar is a reproduction of the J45's that were produced by the company back in the early 1940's. Great guitars then, with quality premium Adirondack Red Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides.

Set up with premium Gotoh tuners, you get very smooth tuning action for this historically accurate reproduction guitar.

This guitar is nicknamed "the workhorse because of it's simplistic beauty. You can't ask for much more from a guitar than this classic will give you.

Sound Production: 7.5

The Gibson J45 True Vintage will produce a very warm and inviting sound due to the use of the classic Mahogany. Very comparable to the Martin D-18, which was it's main competition at the time of first production. It still puts out a great classic tone.

You can tell that there is something special about the tone-production of this guitar, and that quality is enhanced by the hand scalloped and hand-gluing process that Gibson employs with this guitar. The scalloping certainly aids in producing more volume and better tone than that of comventionally braced guitars.

Action: 8.5

This guitar played really nice form the moment I picked it up. I would however prefer to put light gage strings on this guitar. Because I like low action, I would probably lower the strings at both the nut and saddle a bit.

Durability: 9.0

The Gibson J45 TV is very solid and well made. Does not feel frail in the least bit. Top is solid and will withstand the tension from medium gage strings very well.

Interested In Making A J45?

Are you interested in making your own J45? Visit our Plan Shop, purchase our detailed plans and make your very own!

Gibson J45 Plans

Please do NOT put heavy gage strings on this guitar. When strumming the guitar, the sustain fades quite rapidly, but quite typical for a new guitar.

This guitar was put together in a humidity controlled atmosphere and you should keep it in that same type of atmosphere to minimize cracking or wood movement. A good humidifier for your room or home and guitar case is essential to minimize repair bills.

Be sure to visit our page on Guitar Humidity Control for detail information of keeping your guitar in tip-top shape during the dry winter months.

Customer Service: 10.0

Be sure to register your Gibson J45. If you treat your guitar right you will be able to keep it in great playing condition for a long time. The biggest enemy of a hollow body acoustical guitar is the lack or the excess of humidity in the air. If you develop problems, a Gibson repair center will take care of you.

Overall Score: 8.6

The Gibson J45 True Vintage Special Edition is a great sounding guitar just as it was when first produced back in the 1940's. Although thought of as more as a rhythm guitar, this guitar can stand on it's own as a lead instrument as well.

I have a Gibson J45 that was produced in 1945 and it is a fabulous guitar. It's quite amazing that the new version of this  guitar has much of that same punch my original J45 - very impressive and it will only get better with age. Nice balance tone and volume on this guitar too.

If you are looking for warm rhythm tones and rich lead tones, the Gibson J45 guitar will not disappoint you. Feel confident in playing any flatpicking melody or fingerstyle as well.

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