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G7th Capo - Reviews

Find out why this rather expensive capo is worth every penny and is at the top of the list for full-featured capos.

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G7th Capo:

Are you thinking it is time for a new capo?

Although this may not be a product that tops your list of desired guitar gear, once you use a G7th Performance Capo, you will wonder how you got along without it.

This device truly uses ingenious and improved technology that accomplishes what notable capos do the best - to provide key modifications with as little or no hassle as possible.

What is the Function of the Guitar Capo?

The guitar capo is a gadget that replaces a barred finger and therefore acts like a temporary nut, or nut relocation to change keys on the guitar very easily. The useful span of the guitar capo typically ranges from 8 frets on a 12-fret acoustic guitar neck to 10 frets on a 14-fret neck.

Nick Campling, who is from England, engineered the G7th Capo. Nick was a professional product designer and a very complete artist in his own right. Spanning over the 30 years of his career,

Nick because very frustrated with the sub-standard capos that were available, so he made the decision to come up with a improved capo design. He first studied the commonly available capos on the market and what their shortfalls were.

Design Objectives:
    After placement of the capo there ought to be a very minimal affect on the guitar intonation.
    The capo should be very uncomplicated to apply and remove from the guitar neck.
    No damage to the guitar neck as a result of capo usage.
    The capo shall not obstruct the fretting hand during use.
    A very elegantly designed capo that is delightful to the eye.
    A design that allows for uncomplicated capo relocation to change key.
Models Available in the G7th Capo Line:

G7th Performance Capo (Six String, Silver)$38.69 the G7th Performance Capo is a revolutionary new mechanism that allows ultra-precise placement and clamping without pulling the strings of your instrument out of tune. It's is easily squeezed into place with one hand, and released using the lever on the back.

Classical G7th Performance Capo $38.95 The G7th capo uses a patented system that allows you to exert JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of pressure on the neck of your guitar, allowing you to achieve the desired key change, but not making your guitar go out of tune! This is truly a revolutionary design that looks, feels, and performs better than anything else on the market.

G7th Performance Capo (Twelve String, Silver) $39.95 A performance capo designed specifically for 12-string guitars. Features a longer arm than the standard model - for wider fingerboards - and a specially formulated rubber to apply even pressure to the octave strings.

The result of these design demands is the G7th capo that not only is a pleasing solution, it is perfection in its use as it joins all of the design criteria.

This capo looks like a great piece of modern-day artwork, a futuristic device that truly lives up the the architectural axiom "form follows function".

The patent office currently has over 140 registered patents for various capo devices for stringed instruments, and very few of them, if any, can fulfill the fundamental needs listed above, or the wishes of the typical guitar player for that matter.

Although it may appear like a elementary task to design a product that will provide proper tension to clamp guitar strings, not damage a neck and have minimal effect on string intonation of the instrument - think again!

How The G7th Capo Works:

The capo has 2 bars, consisting of a fretting bar, and a tension bar, that are connected together by a pivotal joint. The joint of the capo consists of a wrapped spring clutch that operates in a similar manner to high-speed printer and photocoyping decoupling devices.

This type of clamping process was found to be far superior to the typical ratcheting mechanisms of equivalent capos in that this type is 'infinitely adjustable" as the quantity of tension has no boundaries.

The clutch mechanism consists of three main elements, being the fixed hub, the movable hub and the wound spring that tightly fits over both the hubs.

My Observations Using The G7th Capo:

This capo is very easy to use with just one hand. The tension of the capo is simply release by moving the plastic tab. While operating some other varieties of capos it is required to take the capo entirely off the guitar to correct the tension. That is not required with this capo. To restore the tension on the fretboard, just squeeze in onto the neck - very cool!

This results in no more dead strings. Most other capos can result in dead areas or dead sounding open strings. With this capo, just employ a small amount of pressure to get your strings ringing loud and true, no matter if the capo is on the first fret or the eighth fret.

I have created custom acoustic guitars with rather wide necks (1-7/8" to 2"), and the G7th as effortlessly spanned these wide necks without difficultly, which makes it very flexible as both a wide-necked acoustic or even a 12 string capo.

My Recommendations:

At $59.99 list price, you can pick this capo up at a discounted price of around $40.00 or less. While this may seem like a lot of money to spend on a guitar capo, I think this capo is worth every penny.

It will save you more than that in time, frustration and ease of use and you will find it to be a outstanding investment.

This capo will not only save you lots on time adjusting your guitar intonation, it will preserve your finish of the guitar, stay out of the way of the fretting hand, and you will have a product that performs flawlessly and is a very pleasing addition to the aesthetics of your guitar.