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G Major Licks Tab - Second Edition

These are some more of my favorite G Major bluegrass licks you can easily play on the guitar. Memorize them and have fun.

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Here is the fourth in the series of bluegrass guitar licks. This group included 6 of my favorite licks in the key of G major. They are all fairly straight-forward and will not give you too much trouble.

All of these licks are played in the key of G Major. If you capo on the 2nd fret they will be in A Major.

Commit each one to memory and play very smoothly. Only then should you increase your speed.

You can pull out these licks to kick off a guitar break, as a transition between breaks or even as endings to a break. They are very versatile and you are likely to use them in many of your favorite songs.

In this lesson you will have 6 unique licks to put in your repretoir. Our next lesson will included 6 more, for a total of 12.


The TAB below only shows the first 2 of these licks. If you want a great, professionally transcribed version of all six of them in PDF format you download one for free at our shopping site, which is were we will be handling all of our free TAB, TAB music books and much more.

Click on this link for the free TAB to G Major Licks TAB - Second Edition.

The TAB has all of the chords and notes accurately transcribed. All the left hand fingerings you should use and the correct down and up strokes of the pick for each note is indicated as well. Also, the Guitar Pro master file is included to additionally help you.

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G Major Licks Tab Second Edition:
G Major Licks Tab Second Edition

Click on this link for the free TAB to G Major Licks TAB - Second Edition.