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Flatpicking Guitar Lessons

Great free guitar lessons, featuring guitar instruction with our own guitar pro software and guitar tab.

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Flatpicking Guitar Lessons:

Welcome to the Flatpicking Guitar Lessons for the Acoustic Guitar.

Are You wondering just what flatpicking guitar is? Flatpicking, usually refers to Bluegrass Flatpicking, but it can be used for so much more.

Flatpicking can be used in everything from rock, soft rock, country, blues and so much more.

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Flatpicking Guitar Lessons - Norman Blake

Flatpicking Guitar Lessons - My First and Earliest Influences:

Really, my first exposure to flatpicking guitar was the album Whiskey Before Breakfast by the great flatpicker Norman Blake.

Really this was before I know hardly anything about flatpicking, let alone finding someone in my area of the country to teach me a few things about it.

This was an old LP vinyl record (remember those) and I learned the tracks from a few of those songs sitting on the floor constantly moving the phonograph needle back and forth, trying to pick up the technique. Talk about the blind leading the blind!

The heck with this, I said to myself, and I went back to what I knew best - fingerstyle guitar. Looking back at that moment I just think to myself, if only I had some influence, some knowledge where I could draw from.

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Flatpicking Guitar Lessons - Tony Rice

Flatpicking Guitar Lessons - The Renaissance:

Then about 10 years ago I have a true revelation as I again though I would try to stumble through some flatpicking guitar pieces.

What really turned my head on flatpicking was listening to a CD by Tony Rice one day called California Autumn.

Tony's Flatpicking style was unbelievable on several songs on that CD including, Red Haired Boy, Billy in the Lowground and Beaumont Rag.

It was clean, and fast and I wanted to learn how to do it! Because of his style he made it sound relatively simple, but believe me it is not simple by any stretch of the imagination - at least not at the speeds he played those songs.

Its not as though I was completely unfamiliar with flatpicking guitar as that is how I began my training on the guitar many years ago.

I was just unfamiliar with the speed, accuracy and the blues runs that Tony introduced to otherwise quite simple fiddle tunes.

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Flatpicking Guitar Lessons - Get a Jump Start Right Here

Flatpicking Guitar Lessons - What Can Flatpicking Guitar Do For You::

You know, even if Bluegrass Music is not your "thing", you can reap incredible benefits from becoming a flatpick guitarist. Why is this?

Well mostly because flatpicking is an art in and of itself. It is a high-speed machine gun approach to playing music.

Also you will find that if your technique of playing the guitar is not absolutely perfect, your flatpicking speed and style will suffer and suffer at lot.

You must be well-versed in cross-picking, proper left hand techniques and position, right hand position and techniques and a master of hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and string bends.

And you know what? All of these elements that you learn in flatpicking guitar will translate into you being a better guitarist, a MUCH better guitarist because of the technique and intensity that is required from you. I have even seen improvement in my fingerstyle guitar as a result of my flatpicking skills.

Another thing you will pick up from playing flatpicking guitar is the art of arranging these rather simple fiddle songs.

This may take you some time to do this but as you graduate from the beginner flatpick guitar lessens herein to the intermediate and then on to the advanced versions, you will see how to transpose these tunes, transcribe new and exciting breaks yourself, or even make minor arrangement changes to my breaks to make them you own versions.

What is Included In Each of the Flatpicking Guitar Lessons:

Each of these lessons will include lesson materials that are marked up, with my exclusive Tab Notes, which is an additional layer that is added to the PDF file, which can be switched on or off for your convenience.

Guitar Pro 5

This way you can get instruction as if I was sitting right next to you and then switch off the notes and have the clean tab, which can be printed on any letter sized printer.

Keep these lessons in a notebook, both with the Tab Notes and the Clean notation for your reference. This lesson is intended to take you from the beginning stages, as a budding flatpick guitarist to a full-blown expert.

We will be exploring our entire listing of flatpicking guitar tab in these lessons for those of you who are interested in picking up this fabulous style of guitar playing.

The file you can download is basically what you will see in the lesson material, only in a full-size format. It is a PDF file which can be printed out and placed in a lesson note book - and it is FREE!! You would pay upwards of $40.00 for a set of these songs.

Flatpicking Guitar Lessons - The Guitar Pro File:

Also each and every lesson will include a Guitar Pro 6 file. This file is transcribed exactly the same as the note and TAB files that you can download.

In fact the TAB and notation for the PDF music is actually created from the Guitar Pro file that you will receive.

This file is completely free for your use.

The only thing I ask is that you do not sell it, or re-market it as that would be a copyright violation and I would not be happy about that.

You can however, download it, give it to others, change the fabric of the file to make it uniquely your own or use it to build a complete composition using bass, drums and other instruments.

Additionally because of the RSE sound extensions that are included with the software, when you press the play button, it sounds as though I'm really playing the song for you through your computer.

Couple that with the speed trainer, which allows you to set the starting speed of the song and with each pass, you can auto-bump up the speed per your settings to gradually increase you flatpicking speed.

I have even included the rhythm chords for each song on a separate track. This will allow you to have even a better experience while trying to master these songs. This alone is 'golden' and will save you a ton of time. It will also allow you to improvise the music on your own.

Flatpicking Guitar Lessons - The Summary:

So for most of the songs you will see here lesson will be:

Beginner Version Break

Intermediate Version Break

Advanced Version Break

Free PDF of TAB,

Tab Notes and Notation Free Guitar Pro 6 File with the lead, rhythm chords and all notation shown.

Instructional Notes for each lesson.

In future lessons I will include videos of each lesson too. I just haven't had Flatpicking Guitar Lessons - Where Are The Lessons?

Okay, one last thing. This lessons will be in the Right Sidebar of the Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Flatpicking Guitar Lessons and other appropriate pages, and will be designated as follows:

Beginner Flatpick Guitar"B" for beginner version. Expect this to be a challenge for the beginner flatpick guitarist by not too difficult or discouraging.

Beginner Flatpick Guitar"I" for intermediate version. Beginners try this after some experience. Play this up to speed and you will sound like a pro.

Beginner Flatpick Guitar"A" for advanced version. Seasoned Intermediates and Advanced flatpicker's only please. These will be version including & approaching professional flatpicker quality