Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons: fingerstyle guitar tabs, free guitar tabs

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play fingerstyle with these free online guitar lessons. We provide fingerstyle guitar tabs and free guitar tabs for your learning convenience as well as tab books for purchase

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Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons:

The acoustic guitar can be played in several different manners. One of these methods if often referred to as Fingerstyle Guitar or just Fingerstyle or Fingerpicking.

Fingerstyle Guitar is often thought of as one of the more difficult ways in which to play a guitar. Although sometimes this can be true, if you learn the basics of guitar playing, learn some music theory and know your chords, this will make things vastly more simple on your Fingerstyle Guitar journey.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

Just what is Fingerstyle Guitar?

Fingerstyle pertains mostly to right hand technique. Note though that what is played by the right hand drives what you play with your left hand as well.

As we take you through these Fingerstyle Guitar lessons, you will learn the basics in fingerstyle guitar all the way through some advanced picking. In our Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons we will cover, Right Hand Technique, where we will explore just how to pick or pluck the strings with your right hand fingers.

Also one of the more important items to consider is the care and shaping of your right hand fingernails. With our page Fingernail Care, we will give you tips and recommendations to get the best tone from your right hand nails. If you have weak or thin nails, we have solutions for that. If you have dry or brittle nails we have solutions for that.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Makes Great Fingerstyle Guitars

Next we will begin some of our exercises using alternating bass and rhythm techniques, which is the essence of Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons.

These Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons will be covered in our Fingerstyle Alternating Bass, Fingerstyle Chords - Chet Atkins Style and Fingerstyle Chords - Jerry Reed Style.

Often Fingerstyle Guitar is thought of as playing lead and rhythm at the same time. We will show you how to do this and break it down and simplify it for you using our exclusive "Tab Notes" electronic teaching method.

Our first series of lessons involves Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement and how this is done. We will explore Fingerstyle Rhythm Arrangements, Alternating Bass Arrangements, Lead Guitar Arrangements and finally Accompaniment and Final Arrangement.

Each of these lessons will build on the one before it and we will layer each one to teach you how to go about arranging fingerstyle guitar songs.

For great free online guitar lessons involving your left hand technique, visit our page on Acoustic Guitar Lessons - Left Hand Technique. Some other pages you would be interested in would be Thirds, Fifths and Triads, as these are often played fingerstyle - and more easily than with the flatpick.

Gretsch Electric Guitar

Gretsch Electric Guitar

Types of Guitars::

An often asked question is this: What type of guitar can I play fingerstyle on? The easy answer is all of them. Some guitars are better setup to give you better Fingerstyle Guitar playing ability, but basically you can play on Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitar.

The original Fingerstyle Guitar is of course the Classical Guitar. This guitar is almost always played with the right hand fingers. The next guitar in popularity for Fingerstyle guitar is the Acoustic or Flat Top Steel String Guitar. Some of these are especially good for Flat Picking and others are setup for Fingerstyle Guitar. Look at our page on How to Select a Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar.

Here is another alternative that you could pursue. If you have a woodworking ability, why not make your own Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar? We offer several guitar plans that will give you an incredible sounding acoustic guitar. How do I know? Because I just finished playing one. Visit our Guitar Plan pages. In the near future we will be greatly expanding our Guitar Making pages and offering an ebook on Guitar Making.

Chet Atkins Mr. Guitar

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons - Chet Atkins

Fingerstyle on Electric Guitars:

Electric guitars can also be played fingerstyle. A great case in point are the works of Chet Atkins and Merle Travis, who used electric guitars almost exclusively throughout their fingerstyle careers.

The artists' mentioned above brought Fingerstyle Guitar to the electric guitar. In doing so, there are certain methods employed on the electric guitar to enhance your sound. We will cover these methods in our Fingerstyle Electric Guitar as well as how to select a Fingerstyle Electric Guitar.

Which Style Should I Play?

Confused if you should play Fingerstyle or Flatpick style guitar, and with which style should you begin? Great question. There is not a simple answer.

I have found over the years that it is often best to start out your guitar lessons with the flatpick guitar. This way you can concentrate on the left hand, music theory and good technique.

Once you have that mastered, add Fingerstyle Guitar to your repertoire. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Classical Guitar musicians often start out with Fingerstyle and do not progress the flatpick guitar. That is OK to and like I said, there is no set answer to which style you choose first. Basically it boils down to what style "turns you on" the most.

If you hear a great fingerstyle guitar piece and just have to learn how to play that and it give you tingles in doing so, then go for it. If you hear a lightening fast bluesy flatpicking guitar piece and that is "your thing" then pursue that as your style of choice. Or.....Do both!!

Free Guitar Tab

Jerry Reed - Fingerstyle Guitarist

Alternate Tunings:

Although alternate tuning are not exclusive to Fingerstyle Guitar, they are most often used with Fingerstyle to make song easier to play and more full sounding. We will cover this in Drop D Tuning, Drop C Tuning and Open G Tuning and more. These are fascinating tunings that give a whole new depth to the guitar.

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons - Tabulation: Yes! We will be offering guitar tab with our Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons! The date has not be set yet, but there will be Tab Books forthcoming and we have been adding free fingerstyle guitar tabs to our free tab pages.

Be sure to check them all out in the Ultimate Guitar Tab section. We will offer all tabs in Guitar Pro software Here at Ultimate Guitar OnLine, that is all we use for notation, tab, midi and chord generation software and we recommend it highly. Click HERE to get a free trial version for either Mac or PC. Also visit our review of it HERE.

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