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Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons - Fingernail Care

Learn how to shape your right hand fingernails and how to care for them in this free online guitar lesson

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Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons: Fingernail Care:

Why devote an entire fingerstyle guitar lesson to fingernails? Because it is almost entirely the responsibility of the nails on the right hand fingers to produce clear, loud tones. You can't do this with mis-shaped nails, rough nails or no fingernails at all.

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons: Are Your Nails Up To The Task?

The biggest problem that many people have is the lack of strong nails for. As a fingerstyle guitar teacher, I have had guitar students struggle with this for years. Here are some natural things you can try:

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons: How to Harden Your Nails Method #1

Pour 1/4 cup of warm water into a measuring cup.

Add 1/4 cup of Witch Hazel to the water and stir.

Add two tablespoons of glycerin and two Acoustic Guitar Lessonsteaspoons of alum to the mixture and stir well.

Transfer the contents to a small glass container with a tight fitting lid.

The yield will be about one-half cup of formula.

Dip your fingers individually into the jar each night and allow them to thoroughly dry.

Repeat this ritual every evening for a week and you will notice a visible difference in the strength of your nails.

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Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons: Fingernail Care

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons: How to Harden Your Nails Method #2

Remove your finger nail polish if you are wearing any. Your finger nails need to be unpolished in order for this method to be effective. If you need to remove your nail polish you can use any brand of nail polish remover.

Take some minced garlic and spread all over each nail. If you do not have any minced garlic you can crush some cloves of garlic. Just peel the shell off of the garlic clove and crush.

Take a pair of your disposable gloves and place one glove on each hand. Leave the gloves on your hands for 30 minutes.

Remove the gloves from your hands and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. Throw away the used gloves. If you choose to, you can polish your nails immediately after you wash and dry your hands. Repeat these steps 3 times a week.

Commercial Nail Treatments:

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Original Nail Envy

Provides maximum strengthening with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Calcium for harder, longer, stronger, natural nails! Ideal for weak, damaged nails.

This is the original product that will provide spectular results for those of you that need to strengthen your nails - and YES it really does work and will give you the strong nails you need for guitar playing

Acoustic Guitar LessonsNail Envy for Weak and Soft Nails.

This is the problem that most of my guitar students had. This is a great product to enable you to coat your nails with this strengthener and it will give you great guitar pickin' nails.

Once you apply this product, you will be amazed at the results. No more bent or torn nails. It will give you the fingernails you always wanted for even the most difficult steel string guitar passages.

Acoustic Guitar LessonsOPI Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengthener, Dry & Brittle 0.5 fl oz (15 ml)

Moisturizing formula helps maintain flexibility and protects with antioxidant vitamins E & C.

Have dry and cracked nails? Give this product a try. It will completely cure any moisture problems that you may have with your fingernails. The product maintains flexibility and minimized cracking and damage due to normal wear and tear.

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons: Shaping Your Nails

Now that we have the toughness problem solved either naturally or with the Grow Tougher product, let's address how to shape your nails.

First of all shaping the nails will vary by the physically makeup of your fingertips. In the final result you will have to do some expermentation to discover what works best for you, but some general guidelines are as follows:

The fingernails should extend out about 1/32" beyond the fleshy part of the fingertip.

The nails should be shaped gradually tapering back to the sides of your finger.

Some people have better luck with the nail length being consistent.

Rough-cut your nails with a quality Nail Clipper or Gooming Kit.

Shape them with a Diamond File.

To get the best finish on your nails, I would recommend a Power Nail Buffer. This is one I use and it give a great finish and puts your nails in a "ready-to-play" condition.