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Fingerstyle Guitar Lead Arrangements

Fingerstyle Guitar | Lead Arrangement - In this free guitar lesson learn about the lead track and how to lay it down and use it as building block for your arrangement.

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Fingerstyle Guitar: Lead Arrangements:

Once you have your Rhythm and Alternating Bass Tracks finished, it is time to put some real life into the song with the lead track.

Most of the time the lead notes are played on the treble strings on the 6-string guitar. These are the:

    1st String
    2nd String
    3rd String.

Occasionally we will utilize lower notes, but this tends to mess up our alternating bass. This technique is reserved for special circumstances and CAN be a very refreshing break in your arrangements.

Fingerstyle Guitar: The Lead is What A Vocalist Usually Sings

The lead is typically the melody that a lead singer or soloist would sing for the song. We adapt it for the guitar and blend it in with the other portions of our fingerstyle guitar arrangement.

Fingerstyle Guitar: Finding The Correct Lead Music:

This can be a difficult task. The reason for this is that we are looking for the lead melody without any extras or embellishments at all, note. All the extra notes will do is to confuse you and make this task much more difficult.

We want only the notes that the lead singer would sing - nothing more - and no ornamentation. At first this will seem very plain and boring to you on its own, but when we add all of the other tracks such as the alternating bass and the accompaniment and our final modifications, the song will be very full-sounding and rich.

Lay Down The Lead Track

Lay Down the Lead Track: Open the Guitar Pro file and lay down the lead track as accurately as you con. It is important for this lesson that this be on its own track. This way we can play the lead alone or in combination with any other tracks.

As you become more proficient with arrangements, you can put all of these part down together on one track without the bother of separating them.

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Click on the Lead Track Tab Above

We have a PDF file for this to guide you if you have trouble with this. Just click on the Tab called Lead Guitar Track at the top of this page text.

Test the song and sele how it sound alone and with the other tracks added in one-at-a-time (Rhythm and Alternating Bass).

If your test works out your next step would be to create a combined track.

Create A Combined Track
    Go to the Alternating Bass track and copy the entire score from that track.
    Next go to a new track and paste the Alternating Bass into this track.
    Rename the Track something like Alt Bass + Lead.
    Now add the lead notes to this track by referring to the lead score you laid down in this lesson.
    When you are complete you will have both the Alternating Bass and Lead Guitar parts combined in one track.
    Test it out by turning on the Rhythm track too and see how they sound.
    Debug them as necessary and save the file. If you want to see what this should look like, we have taken the liberty to give you our version of this lesson.

Just click on the Alt. Bass + Lead Tracks at the top of this text.

For more lessons in this series, just select a lesson from the pull-down menu and select the GO button.

If you would like all of the PDF files, plus our "Guitar Notes" electronic teaching and the actual Guitar Pro file, you can purchase it for $2.49.

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