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Fingerstyle Guitar - Fingerpicking Pattern 2

Fingerstyle Guitar - Fingerstyle Patterns 2 | Get free guitar tabs and learn several fingerstyle guitar picking patterns with variations from this free guitar lesson.

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Fingerpicking Pattern 2:

You will find listening to any number of fingerstyle guitarists, they have a variety of picking patterns that they utilize, depending on song tempo, timing and mood. While there are an infinite number of patterns that are being used, we will concentrate on some of the more popular ones..

In this Pattern 2 lesson, we will teach you our first pattern and give you 2 variations on that pattern.

Each pattern variation will be slightly more difficult, often adding just one per measure to the pattern. It is amazing how much difference this makes in the sound of each subsequent fingerpicking pattern.

With this session of Fingerpicking Patter 2 lessons, we have concentrated on 3/4 time. This means we will have only 3 beats per measure rather than the more common 4/4 timing with 4 beats per measure.

Also, we have shown you chord progression only consisting of the Am and E7 chords. By keeping this simple you can concentrate on your timing and right and left hand fingering.

Simply select each of the fingerstyle guitar lesson tabs to see each PDF. If you wish, you may download these lessons in PDF form free of charge by following the link below. We are also giving to you the associated Guitar Pro file so that you can follow along and practice at your own rate utilizing the unique practice features of Guitar Pro.

If you download the PDF files you can switch our unique "Tab Notes" teaching layer on or off to give you teaching advice when you need it or a clean score to play or print. You will need Acrobat 6 or above to utilize the layer function.

The "Tab Notes" will be your electronic teacher for this guitar lesson and will get you up and going on those tough passages. Couple that along with the Guitar Pro file where you can hear exactly how the song is to be played at any speed and it give you a powerful combination to master these guitar lessons simply and quickly.

PDF File: Fingerstyle Pattern 2

Guitar Pro File: Fingerstyle Pattern 2

Alternating Bass and Chord Tips:
    Play these tabs very slowly and follow along with the associated Guitar Pro file in "Practice Mode". This will allow you to start very slowly and then each time through you can increase the speed by a increment that you select in the file.
    Keep a close eye on the right hand fingering. This fingering is shown below the tab score as t, i, m, a. (note that in traditional tabulation you may see the thumb indicated as a "p" rather than the "t" in the Guitar Pro version).

    All pieces are played in 3/4 time or common time. That is 3 beats per measure. All chords shown here are played as 3 note chords, which are played with the right hand index, middle and ring fingers.

    When you play 2 or 3 notes together with the left hand, try to "nest" your finger together so they reinforce each other, by touch. This will give you a smooth and consistent sound rather than having your fingers seperated.

What's Next?

Although theses files will give you the basics for playing fingerstyle guitar fingerpicking patterns, there are many more things to cover. We will do that in future lessons, but for now memorize these chords and chord forms, master the right hand fingering associated with each chord grouping and nail your timing by playing along with the Guitar Pro file which we have provided.

Once you have mastered these 3 basic patterns, memorize them in each of the other open chord keys indicated in the left column.

We will cover much more in future Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons so check back to this section often.

Also look for an Ultimate Guitar Tab book to be published in ebook fashion similar to our already popular Ultimate Guitar Tab Book 1 for beginners and intermediate flatpicking guitar.

Fingerstyle Pattern 2a
Fingerstyle pattern 2b
Fingerstyle Pattern 3c