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Electronic Tuners - Reviews

Electronic Tuners: Find Out Which One to Buy

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Korg CA-40 Electronic Chromatic Tuner

Korg CA-40 Electronic Tuner

The Korg CA-40 Electronic Tuner is equipped with an output jack so you can stay plugged. An extra-large LCD screen gives you excellent visibility. Adjustable calibration range (410-480Hz). Tunes 6- and 7-string guitars and 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses. Pure major/minor 3rd pitch indication marks. "Quinta" flat tuning lets you tune down as much as 5 semitones. Features reference tone, mic, speaker, and folding stand. Auto power off and memory backup. 

Batteries included.Wide Range of Pitch Detection This compact chromatic tuner supports a broad range of C1 (32.70 Hz)-C8 (4186.01 Hz), allowing speedy and high-precision tuning of wind, string, keyboard, and other instruments. This tuner is ideal for tuning even low-register notes containing numerous overtones that are often difficult to tune. A high-sensitivity mic is built-in, allowing easy and accurate tuning of acoustic instruments such as ukuleles. 

A separately sold CM-100 contact mic can also be used to send the vibrations directly to the tuner for even more accurate tuning.Ultra-compact body with a "Tilt Slit" Although the CA-30 is small, thin, and light, don't let its pocket-sized body fool you. The CA-30 packs the functionality needed for tuning a wide range of instruments. From studio to stage, tuning is easy and convenient. The back of the unit includes a unique arc-shaped "tilt slit" that lets you insert a plastic card for use as a handy stand.High-precision LCD Meter The meter section uses a LCD needle, combining the accuracy of an LCD with the easy visibility of a needle, and providing a stable display. 

Additional visual feedback is provided by LEDs that indicate pitch deviation.Sound Out - Internal Speaker Provides a Reference Pitch In addition to visual tuning via meter, the CA-30 can play reference pitches from its internal speaker (Sound Out) for tuning by ear. Each press of the Sound switch will cycle through the A4-Bb4 notes commonly used for tuning wind instruments. Or you can hold down the Sound switch to change the cycle to the semitone intervals from C4 through C5 (one octave), allowing reference pitches for any instrument to be sounded quickly.Calibration 

Function The Calibration function (410-480 Hz) supports a wide range of standard pitches, and can be adjusted in 1 Hz steps for accurate and flexible tuning to any song or key. Thanks to the Memory Backup function, the Calibration and reference pitch are remembered even when the power is turned off. (However, these settings will be initialized when the batteries are replaced.)

Auto Power Off Function If you leave the unit powered-on for 20 minutes without performing any operation, the Auto Power Off function will turn the power off automatically, avoiding unnecessary battery consumption.Approximately 100 hours of Continuous Use Low-power consumption design allows an amazing 100 hours (approximate) of continuous battery life (A4 continuous input, Meter mode, zinc-carbon batteries.

This electronic tuner is one of my personal favorites. I would suggest the mic to get even more accurate results. Other features I like are the wide ranges of pitch that this unit supports. You don't have to stick strictly to EADGBE. This also allows more versility to tune different instruments.

Boss TU-2 Chromatic Stompbox Tuner

Boss TU-2 Chromatic Stompbox Electronic Tuner

The TU-2 Electronic Tuner can power up to 8 other pedals when it is used with the optional PCS-20A power cord and optional PSA-120 AC power adapter. The Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner lets you shift to bypass mode for silent tuning with a single stomp. An eleven-point LED stream meter makes it easy to see when you're in tune (the movement of the meter slows the closer you get to pitch). Seven different modes provide options for both bass and guitar and a seven-segment display makes string and note names readily visible on dark stages. Footswitchable Tuner Off mode preserves battery.

Fender PT-100 Pedal Tuner

Fender PT-100 Pedal Tuner

The Fender PT-100 Pedal Electronic Tuner has an easy-to-read LED note indicator. Its flat/sharp LEDs makes onstage tuning fast and foolproof. Dual outputs and on/off indicator. Fender quality, Rugged die-cast case and pro-grade accuracy make the PT-100 Pedal Tuner the one for you. Dual outputs: one sends signal constantly, one mutes when you hit the pedal so you can tune silently.

Intellitouch PT1 Tuner

Intellitouch PT1 Electronic Tuner

The Intellitouch PT1 Electronic Tuner is designed to tune electric and acoustic guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins, and more without interference from ambient room noise. And it does it all without the the use of wires, microphones, or pickups. Tuning in noisy environments is a snap because the unique, flexible clamp actually "feels" the instrument's vibrational energy instead of relying on sound.

The swiveling design allows a perfect view of the tuner's LCD display from nearly any angle.Intellitouch learns and remembers letting you set any tuning frequency you require, saving that learned reference as a preset, even when it's turned off. The Intellitouch PT1 Tuner has a 7-octave range and precision within one cent. 2 - 3V coin cell batteries provide 30 hours continuous tuning.

I like the compactnest of this electronic tuner. You can easily store it in your case storage compartment - even for that emergency tuning job, which we all experience. I have one of these in my case and the Korg CA-40 at home in my studio.

Korg TM-40 Digital Tuner Metronome

Korg TM-40 Digital Metronome and Electronic Tuner

Offers both tuner and metronome functions simultaneously or independently. Its large LCD-type needle delivers both the accuracy of an LCD and the excellent visibility of a needle indicator. It also has LED indicators that show pitch deviation or blink to indicate the tempo, making the TM-40 a highly visual tool. Provides quick and accurate coverage of a wide spectrum of notes and pitches for wind, string, keyboard, and most other instruments.

Excellent Functionality and a Wide Detection RangeWith a detection range of C1 (32.70Hz) - C8 (4186.01Hz), the TM-40 provides quick and accurate coverage of a wide spectrum of notes and pitches for wind, string, keyboard, and most other instruments. Even low-pitched instruments with complex overtone structures are detected with the precision you expect from Korg. 

A built-in high-sensitivity mic allows acoustic instruments such as guitar and ukulele to be tuned easily and accurately.Sound Out!In addition to the visual tuning guide provided by the meter, you can use the Korg TM-40's built-in speaker to produce a tuning reference pitch (Sound Out). This is convenient for tuning by ear and is also useful for ear training. 

By pressing the Sound switch, you can select the reference pitch from A5 to B4 (usually used as the tuning standard for wind instruments). And by holding down the Sound switch, you can select a mode in which you step through chromatic pitches from C4 to C5 (one octave).Adjustable CalibrationThe TM-40's Calibration setting is adjustable in a range of 410-480Hz to accommodate a variety of tuning standards. The calibration can be adjusted in 1Hz steps, letting you accurately tune to any song or key. 

Memory backup is also provided so that the Calibration and Sound Out ("12 NOTES" or "ABb") settings are remembered even when the power is turned off.Pure Major Third and Minor Third Interval MarkingsWhen intervals of a third are played out of tune in the context of a brass band, orchestra, or other ensemble, it is particularly noticeable. 

But those intervals can be made to blend more pleasantly by slightly adjusting them (relative to the equal-tempered pitch) to a pure major or minor third. The Korg TM-40's meter scale provides markings to indicate pitches of a pure major and pure minor third relative to a selected pitch. By tuning your instrument so that the meter's indicator needle points to these markings, you can ensure beautiful harmonies when playing in an ensemble. 

This capability is very useful not only for wind instruments but also for vocal or a cappella practice.The appropriate note to adjust when tuning to a pure major/minor third will depend on the music you are playing.Metronome SectionThe metronome section of the Korg TM-40 offers convenient functions for practicing a variety of music. Beat mode — choose from preset patterns. Beat mode lets you choose a preset tempo and time signature, and Tap mode lets you specify your own tempo. The compact TM-40

If you are looking for a combo unt for both an electronic tuner and a metronome, give this one heavy consideration. Keeps clutter off the work surfaces and give good solid performance on the tuning end too.