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Electric Guitar Reviews | here you will find reviews of the most popular electric guitars, ratings, pricing and purchasing information

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With Electric Guitar Reviews, we will be giving rigorous reviews on the most popular guitars available. We will rate each guitar by:

Features: 1 - 10 points
Top & Back materials - neck type & material - body type incl. cutaways - finish - electronics - Neck features Sound Production: 1 - 10 points
Should live up to expectations - what type of music is best suited - mellow, loud, well-projected, muted etc. Action: 1 - 10 points
How the guitar is setup from the factory - scale accuracy - playability up the neck Guitar Durability: 1 - 10 points
Electric Guitar Review of how the guitar will hold up and under what conditions Customer Support:  1 - 10 points
How does the maker respond to customer concerns and questions Rating Overall: 1 - 10 points
Electric Guitar Review Average of above score and overall impression of guitar

Gibson Guitars

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar
Get That Great Les Paul Sound With The Studio. Carved Maple Top, Humbucker Pickups and Great Sound. MSRP = $1,269.00

Fender Guitars

Squier Fender Standard Stratocaster
Economical Alternative To A Genuine Strat. This is a great starter guitar for those of you interested in electric guitars. MSRP = $380.00

Fender FSR American Standard Hand Stained Ash Stratocaster
The only thing that stops this guitar from receiving a perfect 10 score is my impeccably high standards and its lack of availability.

Ibanez Guitars
Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez RG350DX
Outfitted with (3) humbucking pickups and total control over pickup switching, this guitar is becoming a monarch in the industry. MSRP = $433.32

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Paul Reed Smith SC 250
Mahogany body with maple top and flamed maple veneer, rosewood fingerboard and moon inlays, PRS-designed pickups. MSRP = $4,230.00

Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 22
Mahogany body with maple top and flamed maple veneer, a three-piece wide-fat neck with rosewood fingerboard and moon inlays, PRS-designed pickups. MSRP = $5,126.00

Paul Reed Smith SE SingleCut
Maple top with flamed maple veneer. These new models come with solid mahogany backs and necks and provide a level of quality not seen in guitars in this price range. MSRP = $954.00

Epiphone Guitars

Yamaha Guitars

Gibson Custom Guitars

Gibson Guitars
A Brief History and Background Of The Gibson Company and Their Great Musical Instrument Heritage.

Gibson ES-137 Custom Electric Guitar
One Of Gibson's All Time Classics. Curly Maple Top Tune-O-Matic bridge with stop tailpiece, and 490R and 498T humbuckers . MSRP = $2,904.00

Gibson BB King Lucille Custom Electric Guitar
Today’s B.B. King Lucille from Gibson Custom is made to exactly the same specifications as the guitar played by King himself. MSRP = $4,449.00

Gibson ES 335 Dot Custom Electric Guitar
History speaks for itself. The ES-335 is one of the most important guitars of all time. Right from its introduction in 1958 as the world’s first semi-hollowbody electric guitar. MSRP = 3,889.00

Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch Country Gentleman
A 17" closed body, trestle bracing, ebony fingerboard, twin High Sensitive Filter'Tron™ pickups and Bigsby B6CB vibrato. MSRP = $3,925.00

Gretsch Tennessee Rose
Still reverberating throughout Shea Stadium for the Beatles Concert, one of the most recognizable '60s pop icons returns! MSRP = $3,025.00

Gretsch White Falcon
The Gretsch White Falcon features dual High-Sensitive Filtertron pickups, a vertical Gretsch headstock logo, Bigsby B6GB vibrato tailpiece. MSRP = $4,425

Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
This understated look is preferred by many Les Paul fanatics. It still has everything you need in a Les Paul. . MSRP = $832.00

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus
The Epiphone Les Paul Standard with plus top may be the best electric guitar in its price range . MSRP = $953.00

Dean Guitars *

Takamine Guitars