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Dust In The Wind - Lead Score

Learn the fingerstyle lead score for this great song by the group Kansas. It is easy and you can build upon this basic framework.

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Dust in the Wind Lead Score:

In this next acoustic guitar lesson we will explore the lead for the song Dust in the Wind by the group Kansas.

If you haven't gone through the Intro and chord lessons for this song you can find it at Dust in the Wind Chords, and brush up on the fingerstyle chord patterns for the entire intro.

The reason this is important is that much of the fingerstyle pattern and many of the same chords are used for the lead portion of this song.

Again, the Verse and Chorus are rather easy to play - even as a lead arrangement as you will see. It consists of only 9 measures, with several repeats of certain sections.

To get the actual number of repeats, please listen to the original score as I am just concentrating on the fingerstyle method here and not the actual musical documentation of the song in detail.

Dust in the Wind - Examine the Chords First:

Before you get into the heart of the piece, examine the chords that are shown above the Notation Score.

Take note of the fingering, as this will give you great insight as to how to play the lead portion and these chord forms form the framework for the lead portion of the song.

If you would like the PDF of this lesson as shown below you can get it from this link: Dust In The Wind PDF. This file will also contain the Intro portion of the song.

To go to the lesson material for the Intro Fingerstyle Chords go to the link: Dust In The Wind Chords.

I have also detailed all of the left hand fingering adjacent to each note head.

This is VERY important and should be followed flawlessly as it will make chord changes a lot easier.

Secondly I have shown the right hand fingering as well, which is a standardized indications being:

    p = thumb
    i = Index finger
    m = middle finger
    a = ring finger

This is quite a simple or basic fingerstyle piece, mainly because it is a very basic song. You can, of course spice it up a bit after you memorize this basic version.

It is very easy to add more syncopation to the piece, or you can change the lead notes just a bit.

Dust in the Wind - A Note on the Rhythm Chords:

If you wish to use this PDF to play the rhythm chords, this is a very easy thing to do.

All you need to do is play the piece with the same fingerstyle rhythm as in the Intro, and play the chord forms that are diagramed above the score.

Alternately go to the video on YouTube to play along with the rhythm chords.

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Dust in the Wind - Fingerstyle Lead - The Ultimate Guitar TAB:
Dust in the Wind Lead Score