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Dust In The Wind Chords

Learn the fingerstyle rhythm chords for this great Kansas song. It is surprisingly easy.

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Dust in the Wind Chords:

One of my favorite songs from Kansas. This song has a great fingerstyle rhythm pattern that continues throughout the entire song.


There are lots of chord changes, but when you look at the chord line, do not get discourages as this is really a very simple song to play and it is a great fingerstyle song for beginner and intermediate fingerpickers alike.

We are going to start out with the intro of the song as this lays down the basic fingerstyle pattern and you will find that this pattern continues with the vocals, without changing the patterns.

Also, in our next lesson we will examine the remainder of the song, how the rhythm chords are played and how the patterns change very little. We will learn new chords, new fingering patterns and you should then be able to play the fingerstyle rhythm for the entire song very easily.

Additionally we will show you how to play the fingerstyle lead of this song, which is very similar to the rhythm pattern, by just adding a few lead notes.

It is a very basic Travis-style fingerstyle pattern using the right hand thumb, index and middle fingers almost exclusively.

Okay, let's get into the chord changes. Looking at the first 2 measures, this is basically a C chord that just changes by one finger being lifted or repositioned to form the new chord.

Dust in the Wind Chords - The 1st Measure:

Kick off the Intro by forming the C chord for the first 2 beats. For the next 2 beats for the Cmaj7 chord, simply keep the left hand 2nd and 3rd fingers in place and lift up the first finger to get the open 2nd string.

Dust in the Wind Chords - The 2nd Measure:

Onto the 2nd measure you see a Cadd9 chord. This is very easy too as you again keep the 2nd and 3rd fingers in place on the frets and finger the D note on the 3rd fret, 2nd fret with the 4th finger.

If you would like to download the PDF for this tab click on the link: Dust In The Wind Chords PDF.

Dust in the Wind Chords - The 3rd and 4th Measures:

The next line, or the 3rd and 4th measures are equally easy. This one starts out with a slight modification of the Minor chord. To make it easier, you can first form the Am in a normal fashion and then just lift your 1st finger off the 2nd string to play it an open "B" note - that is an Asus2 chord.

The play the next chord - The Asus4, catch the D note with the 4th finger, just like you did for the Cadd9 above. See how similar these chord forms are?

Continuing on with the 4th measure, just keep the 2nd and 3rd fingers in place again and finger the C note on the 1st fret of the 2nd string. This will form the common Am chord.

Finally we just go back to the Asus2, which is where we started on the 3rd measure.

Dust in the Wind Chords - The 5th and 6th measures:

These 2 measure are basically a rework of the 1st and 2nd measures, with the chords being in a slightly different order. Try these chords yourself and figure them out to follow the music.

Dust in the Wind Chords - The 8th Measure:

This is the only departure of the note timing pattern. You will note that the first half of the measure, or the first 2 beats follow the typical pattern. However, the last 2 measure form a transition into the first vocal verse with a couple of pinched chords. Also add some staccato to these chords by playing them a bit louder and to play the staccato, lift the left hand fingers to release the tension and the notes will halt.

Dust in the Wind Chords - Summary Of This Lesson:
    Make your chord transitions very smoothly.
    Do not lift up left hand fingers until absolutely necessary.
    Search for common tones or common notes in chords.
    Let all of the notes ring through each other.

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Dust in the Wind Chords - The Ultimate Guitar TAB:
Dust in the Wind Chords