How to Buy Your First Guitar

How to Buy Your First Guitar

This is one of the most important steps in your musical journey

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Buy Your First Guitar - An Important First Step!

To Buy Your First Guitar is the first step in your journey on this musical path. You may want to start your search by visiting your local music store. The Internet is a great place to research guitars, and be sure to read some of my reviews and suggestions.

You Can Start With a Factory Guitar

If your first guitar is a cheepie, you could start with a tried and true factory special. I will give you some guidance as to some good ones. 12 string guitars should not be a consideration as a first guitar as they are very difficult to play and you will get very discouraged, very quickly.

Once you have completed your initial looking around, settle on a price range that you are comfortable with. Guitars can range from several hundred dollars to many thousands. 

Be aware that any new guitar under $200 or $300 is probably not a very quality instrument and it may give you more problems than it is worth - not a consideration when you buy first guitar. 

Electric Guitar

Buy Your First Guitar - Electric Guitar

If you haven't already decided, now is the time to decide what type of guitar you'd like to buy. There are 3 main types of guitars: classical guitar, electric guitar, and steel string or acoustical guitar (also called a flat-top guitar).

There are sub-divisions after this, such as electric acoustic guitars, electric classical guitars, 12 string guitars, 7 string guitars, Dobro guitars, etc.

Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Classical Guitars have nylon strings, the neck joins the body at the 12th fret, are lower in volume, and are picked with the thumb, index, middle and third fingers. They can be used for lead playing or for accompaniment. They are most often used for playing classical music.

Electric guitars can have either a solid body, or a semi-hollow body and are most often used for playing blues, country or rock music. Electric guitars can also be played either with a pick or "finger style".

Acoustic guitars are used equally for lead and accompaniment purposes. They are often used as the lead guitar in "Bluegrass Flatpick Guitar" music. They are also often used for accompaniment in country music playing. Rock musicians use flat-top guitars for a decided change in volume, tempo and mood.

When you Buy Your First Guitar, consider guitars built by Yamaha Guitars, Takamine Acoustic Guitars, Dean Guitars and Ibanez Acoustic Guitars. All of these manufacturers produce well-built beginner guitars that will last you into your next guitar purchase.

Buying A Guitar OnLine? Absolutely! Give These Great Retailers A Try:

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Check out Best Guitar Buying Tips

As you start to look at guitars, there are many things to look for from neck problems to major structural problems. Be sure to check out my page on the Best Guitar Buying Tips for a lot of information to guide you on your guitar purchasing path.

Guitar Chord

Buy Your First Guitar - Have Someone Play Guitars For You

Buy Your First Guitar - Ask Plenty of Questions

Spend an adequate amount of time looking at new guitars that interest you and don't make a decision in haste. Play the guitars that you like and ask questions before you make a final purchase. 

Check ratings of guitars online, consider joining a forum for guitarists and get feedback from people who have used the instrument that you are considering purchasing.

In your search to Buy Your First Guitar, be sure to visit a well stocked music store that specializes in stringed instruments and better yet, one that specializes in guitars. If they have a well balanced guitar teaching staff - all the better.

Have a Salesman Play For You

If you don't play very well or not at all, have a qualified sales person make suggestions and play several guitars for you. Have them explain the differences between instruments and why there are cost differences. 

If there is not a qualified "hot" guitar picking salesman search out another guitarist in the shop, tell them you are looking to Buy Your First Guitar and they usually will be more that willing to perform for you!

In any event enjoy this time to Buy Your First Guitar. Take your time and talk to a lot of people and investigate everything on my web site for a lot of detailed information. Most of all have fun and enjoy for the rest of your life!

Visit A Guitar Store

Visit A Guitar Store