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Build Your Own Guitar - Are You Up to the Challenge?

Information to consider if you are thinking of building your own guitar.

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I'm sure several prospective guitar builders often ask themselves, can I actually build a guitar?

After all, the amount of accomplishment that is essential to make a detailed, great sounding guitar, must be beyond my abilities.

If you look at the completed guitar, it may appear as though you must develop the capability of an accomplished woodworker or that of a cabinetmaker to successfully complete this project.

Build Your Own Guitar - It's Not All Woodworking Skills

While, I found out that in order to build your own guitar, there are skill that must be acquired that go beyond those of a skilled woodworker.

Being a skilled woodworker is a great talent to have, but you also need to develop or possess a personal set of skills too. The following are some examples of these skills.

Luthiers Mold

Classical Handmade Guitar

Build Your Own Guitar - Are You Zealous For The Guitar?

Do you not only love guitar music, but love playing the guitar?

It does not matter if this is a love for all types of guitars such as, acoustic guitars, classical guitars, electric guitars or a combination of any of them.

This passion will bring you a long way in the guitar construction trade.

If you gravitate toward fine handmade instruments, and you can feel the fervor build as you pick one up and, if you have the skill to play, you can't hardly put it down - you are hopelessly hooked.

Build Your Own Guitar - Do You Have Patience?

Patience certainly is a virtue and one that I struggle with. You will go far in the guitar making craft if you have a great deal of patience.

Here is an example of my deficiency of patience. I had to control moisture in the shop, the spray booth and take moisture out of the spray delivery system in order to obtain that wonderful mirror, crystal clear finish on my guitars. Wow that was a lot of work!

Just to make a long story short, I corrected all of these issues and followed the directions to the letter. My next finish turned out absolutely perfect!

Yep, we are not all blessed with the knowledge of doing everything right the first time - for sure not me.

The best part of this is I will give you these inside tips and techniques to keep you out of the woods when you decide to build your own guitar.

I'm not claiming to have all the answers - far from it, but you can benefit from the knowledge here of doing it wrong and what you need to do to do it right.

Build Your Own Guitar - Appropriate Luthier Tools Are Essential:

How do you know what tools you require to build a guitar?

With a few prime luthier tools a competent guitar builder can manufacture an incredible guitar, mostly because of the acquired skills that they posses.

These luthier's are a very choice group of artisans. I was lucky enough to purchase the best luthier tools that I could afford when I started by trade. I will pass along which tools you should purchase in future article:

Kasha Braced Guitar

Kasha Bracing

Build Your Own Guitar - Great Guitar Plans are Essential:

It is as imperative to have a great guitar plan in order to construct a great guitar, as it is to possess a great house plan to effectively build a great dwelling.

At Ultimate Guitar OnLIne and Ultimate Guitar Building, we have many great plans available to the budding guitar builder and the seasoned pro alike.

Back Clamping Operation

Back Clamping Operation

Build Your Own Guitar - Acquired Skill Levels:

Just because this is our last point, does not mean it is the least important.

A certain amount of understanding of working with woodworking tools will be required.

Severe injury can result unless you have this fundamental knowledge and you can ruin your work with one incorrect cut.

A great source of knowledge are other woodworkers that you can use as a source of questions and advancement.

Check out your local schools and community colleges and search for adult education programs involving woodworking.

You may not be able to build a guitar in one of these classes, but if you can construct a piece of furniture, chances are you can build a guitar or adapt much of your knowledge to build one.



Just because this is our last point, does not mean it is the least important.

Build Your Own Guitar - Additional Tips:

Self Confidence: The biggest vote of self-confidence arrives upon the successful completion of your guitar and the thrill you experience once you hear those first few notes played.

Do Not Rush To Finish: You are not trying to set any records here. Work slowly and deliberately and try to complete each task with the most precision that you possibly can.

Always Work With Sharp Tools: The old saying is true. It is much easier to injure yourself with a dull tool than with a sharp one. Study the articles on tools safety and tool sharpening here.

Work With Adequate Lighting: Always work with either natural lighting (I prefer a shop with lots of natural daylighting) or very high intensity artificial light sources, and work area lights.

Knowledge Is Very Significant: Buy books on guitar building, read articles about it and don't forget to visit our site, Ultimate Guitar Building, for hundreds of instructive articles on guitar building.