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Bonaparte's Retreat Beginner Flatpicking Guitar Tab

Bonaparte's Retreat- Beginner Tab - First Lesson for this song which will give you an beginner level flatpicking break.

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Bonaparte's Retreat Beginner Tab - Flatpicking Guitar:

If you are just getting into flatpick style guitar, this is a good song to get some basic pointers from.

The tune is rather simple, as are the rhythm chord changes and there is just enough complexity to make it a song that will sound very impressive to you listeners and guitar buddies.

Be sure to practice is slowly and "right-on" with the timing, as there are quite a few different notes that are utilized in this break, from just plan quarter notes and eighth notes to half notes, dotted quarter notes and more.

Keep close watch on your down-up strokes, which are located between the notation and the TAB staffs. These are critical that they are played EXACTLY as shown, otherwise you will not be able to get up-to-speed, or play the more difficult intermediate to advanced versions of this break.


This arrangement is free for you to enjoy and the TAB below is just a taste of the entire break.

If you would like to download the entire PDF TAB file and the Guitar Pro file, be sure to click on the link below or directly on the TAB image and you will be taken to our new Ultimate Guitar OnLine Shopping Page.

Just add this TAB to your shopping cart and check-out and you can get the professional PDF notation and even the GuitarPro file to begin making your own arrangements and fun.

Click on this link for the free TAB to Bonaparte's Retreat Beginner TAB.

The TAB has all of the notes accurately transcribed, rhythm chords, all the left hand fingerings you should use and the correct down and up strokes of the pick for each notes. Also, the Guitar Pro file contains a second track with the rhythm track so you can slow this one down to practice playing it and then gradually pick-up the tempo.

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Bonaparte's Retreat Beginner Tab - Flatpicking Guitar:
Bonaparte's Retreat

Click on this link for the free TAB to Bonaparte's Retreat Beginner TAB.