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Big Sandy River Intermediate Tab PartB - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Big Sandy River Intermediate Tab PartB - Here is the B Part of this must-know bluegrass melody. Have fun!

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Big Sandy River Intermediate Tab PartB - Flatpicking Guitar Lesson:

Big Sandy River is another one of those songs you need to know if you plan of doing some parking lot picking - it will be expected of you.

This lesson comprised the second or B Part of the song for this great bluegrass break. Couple this with the Part A and you will have a great sounding intermediate version of this fiddle tune.

For the most part, the Part B portion of the break utilizes the bass notes and most of it is played on the D, A and Low E strings. Being that it is mostly eighth notes this poses some speed challenges for the beginner guitarist. To get your speed perfected, be sure your RH picking form is flawless and the manner with which you hold your pick is imperitive.

Big Sandy River Intermediate Tab PartB - Flatpicking Guitar Lesson - Tips On This Break:

One thing to note here - If you choose, you can play a couple of pickup notes in the last beat of the part A portion of the song. If you download the PDF of this break, this technique is shown in the TAB on that document.

Keep a very close watch on the down-up strokes of the pick, indicated just below the notation score - or between the notation and TAB scores of the song.

The Part B portion you see here in again played in what I call the 'open 2nd position', This is where you shift your normal RH fingering up one fret and still play open strings in combination. This will help you gain speed by minimizing the use of our weakest finger - the 4th.

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Big Sandy River Intermediate Tab PartB - Flatpicking Guitar Lesson:
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If you would like the Guitar Pro File for this break, which is very faithful to the song and will allow you to make your own unique break, play along with this break, and give you the speed training option, you can load it here: Big Sandy River Intermediate Tab PartB, Guitar Pro File.

If you would like to download the full PDF document for, click on this link to download it right to your computer. Big Sandy River Intermediate Tab PartB PDF.